7 Most Annoying Fan Habits (Besides the Vuvuzela)

Fans are fans. They pay their money to go to the game and can do whatever they want to  support their team from cheering their team on, to booing the opponents, to blowing a three-foot horn that deafens everyone else.  If there was at least some sort of pleasing musical property to the Vuvuzela, I am sure it would not be so bad. But if you’ve watched a match and didn’t know better, you’d think a locust plague was descending on Johannesburg. As far as the vuvuzelas go, World Cup fans are likely going to have to suck it up and put up with the droning because over one million of the darn things were ordered from The Vuvuzela Company. Sadly there are many other fan habits that are just as annoying and unlikely to go away.
The Wave
The origins of this sporting audience phenomenon are under question. Some say that the first one was in Mexico during a soccer match. For whatever reason, the teams were taking their sweet time at half time and the fans became bored. Match officials started throwing game balls into the crowd all over the stadium and la ola, the wave, was born. A more convoluted explanation lays the blame on the Canadians and the 1976 Montreal Olympics. From there it spread to the NHL and eventually a MLB game in 1981 thanks to a guy named Krazy George. Thanks George.
Beach Balls
These things belong at the beach, not at the ball park. I can appreciate that they are usually thrown into the stands when the game is a little dull. I will never understand why fans go so crazy trying to hit a stupid beach ball at the ballpark. It is especially infuriating when I get jostled by a bunch of idiot fans spilling my beer in the process of trying to get the ball. I can’t stand wasted beer because then I obviously have to hit the offender and remove myself from the stadium before the authorities get to me.
Who Let the Dogs Out?
Who cares! The song was cool when it first came out, but by time it became a stadium favorite it was already played out. When it appeared in every movie in 2000 it should have been banned from stadiums,  yet the song continues to play again and again and again and again…The dogs are okay, no need to keep wondering who let them out.
Fog horns
Maybe this one should be blamed on the announcer who cries, “Make some noise!” Yes, these hand held fog horns make noise; a very loud, very annoying noise capable of ruining my eardrums for life.
Rabid, Face-Painting Fans
I can appreciate the loyalty that it takes to paint oneself up in the colors of your team and then actually go out in public. However, why these rabid fans think they have to go especially crazy at the game is a mystery. Maybe too many of these idiots are using lead base paint on their faces and it  makes them a little psychotic.
Standing up for everything
When something big happens I can see standing up in excitement and celebrating your team’s big play. But then sit down. Is the game any better because you’re standing up —  NO! Is Kobe going to notice you and say thanks for your support? Will Peyton throw you the game ball? NO! So sit the heck down so the rest of us unfortunate enough to be stuck sitting next to you can see the game.

I can see wanting to yell at the opposing players and the refs from time to time. However, I am smart enough to know that they probably do not hear me so I typically don’t bother. Then there are some fans that think they have to stand up and yell every obscenity under the sun at the players and refs. Some even take it a step further by making lewd comments about their kids, wives, girlfriends, etc. Have some decency people. Yell, cheer, support your team, but have at least a smidgen of class and respect for human decency.


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