Fenway Park Stadium Scorecard

We left New York City around 8:30am on Saturday, July 17th and traveled north to our second destination, the Red Sox’s Fenway Park. We arrived just after 1pm and found a kick ass (free) street parking spot on Bay State Road. From there we had some time to kill so we decided to head down to Newbury Street street for lunch which had some cool stores and great places to grab a beer.

3pm rolled around so we decided to walk over to Fenway. The facade of this 98-year-old baseball relic was something to be marveled but so was the amount of die-hard Sox fans lining up to enter the bars four hours before game time. After going on the hunt for street t-shirts and finding a few winner’s we decided to visit Cask’n Flagon, the most popular Red Sox bar according to our Twitter followers that features over 40 flat screen TV’s and is a stones throw away from Fenway. From there we checked out Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar & Grill which was nice and modern but felt kind of like a Buffalo Wing Wings…not that there’s anything wrong with that. We also stopped by Bleacher Bar, the most impressive thing about this location was the men’s bathroom that looked out through the Green Monster into left field.

The weather in Boston was a steamy 90 degrees when we walked into the stadium around 6:30pm but thankfully Fenway has the coolest stadium superfan we’ve seen to date. Our seats were located in Left Field SRO but at game time there were open seats located around homplate and we had no problem sneaking down. Cliff Lee was pitching for the Rangers so it was nice to see one of baseball’s finest talents do work up-close and personal. After an a few innings of watching the game in the rich guy seats we decided to switch locations to the top of the Green Monster. The view atop the 37-foot high wall will go down as one of the most memorable parts of our trip. At one point three drunk Boston fans started yelling at Rangers rightfielder Josh Hamilton and he actually turned around and acknowledged them three times. Like Nick Swisher the night before the Red Sox Kevin Youkillis was the hero of the night. In the ninth, Youkilis doubled to tie up the game, and in the eleventh he had a game-winning sacrifice fly.

Fenway Park Ratings

The rating system is based on a scale of 1 to 5 Terry Francona heads. 1 Terry Francona head is a lowest rating and 5 Terry Francona heads is the highest rating.

“Fenway Frank” Hot Dog


Note: Rubbery and the bun was a piece of white bread.


7th Inning Tradition

Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline


Note: This tradition is extremely well known around baseball and live up to expectations. The Red Sox do it in the middle of the 8th.


Signature Food

Sausage and Peppers – $6.75

Note: Other people on Twitter said the Legal’s Seafood Clam Chowder was a good alternative too.


16oz Beer Prices


Note: $3 = 5 heads, $4.50 = 4 heads, $6 = 3 heads, $7.50 = 2 heads, $9.50 = 1 head, $10 or greater = 0 heads


Bathroom Line at Bottom of the 4th Inning

No line


Stadium Superfan


Note: There is no super fan so we gave an honerable mention to the mister which was great on a hot day!.


Street T-shirts





Signature Player Chant




Bleacher Fans


Pregame Bar

Cask’n Flagon

Bleacher Bar



Stadium Aesthetics

Note: Very traditional, Green Monster is a baseball icon.


Stadium Atmosphere



Note: The users behind homeplate are cool with you upgrading your seats for free, just make sure you wait until they are not looking and sit side by side.


• We spotted 28 potential Miss COED’s
• Most popular player jersey was Dustin Pedroia
Home Run Counter: Robinson Cano (July 16th at Yankee Stadium), Jorge Posada (July 16th at Yankee Stadium), Nick Swisher (July 16th at Yankee Stadium)
First Pitch Counter: 2 – Strike, 0 – Balls : John Lackey (Strike – July 17th at Fenway Park), CC Sabathia (Strike – July 16th at Yankee Stadium)
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