Deathclub: The Sad & Strange “Forever 27 Club”

Nothing gets my engines revved like informational tidbits. It combines two of my favorite things – information and tidbits (duh), to create a brief brain stimulating surge of energy that can only be rivaled by this.
One of my favorite music related informational tidbits is the laundry list of legendary music artists in the “Forever 27 Club.” Rolling Stone’s founder Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix,  Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison,  Kurt Cobain, And the list goes on.
That’s pretty good company! This is information is sad on many levels, but is still very interesting in a macabre sort of way.
Another stimulating informational tidbit related to music and death is the list of musicians who predicted their own death in song. It’s like they exactly predict how it’s going to go down and live up to the prediction.
I feel like my head is gonna explode from all this informational tidbit stimulation. . .I guess I should steer clear of laying that down in a studio though . . .yikes!
Imagine the Zombie Band that could be put together . . .HHhhmmmm.

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