These Girls Want to Tell You Something

If you don’t know COED’s little sister,, you might want to take a look. They have tons of interesting articles from the college girl perspective that are actually pretty cool. But this time, they’ve f**ked up. In this week’s “Weigh In” column, they’ve decided to give “advice to dudes,” with input from their writers, editors and readers – which, I have to admit, annoys the sh*t out of me. Here are a few examples:
Laura – St. Johns: Don’t fart on me. Seriously, my boyfriend did this last night and almost died.
Brithny – Duke: PMS stands for Permissible Man-Slaughter and also Preposterous Mood Swings. So during that time, please forgive us for anything crazy we may do. And lots of wine and candy would be nice too.
Beth – Harvard: When you are in a relationship, the number of people your girlfriend has slept with before you has no correlation with how much she loves you, adores you, and wants to be with YOU. Don’t bring up the past — she loves YOU!
OK, so either Laura’s an OCD germaphobe, Brithny (her name’s Brithny?)… Brithny’s a fat, alcoholic serial killer and Beth’s a reformed nymphomaniac, none of whom represent the general female population, or girls are all just completely out of their minds. Which doesn’t make me trust their advice one bit..

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  1. Um, I'd die if my bf farted on me as well, that doesn't seem like a very pleasant feeling.

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