COED Takes Over The AXE Lounge In The Hamptons

The summer of 2010 is wrapping up so AXE decided to bring COED out to the Hamptons to test their new line of hair products and visit the AXE Lounge. Our trip begin on Saturday morning and wrapped up Sunday afternoon, it was a full weekend adventure packed into a 24 hour period. Read on about the adventure than check out all 50 pictures from the weekend.

My tour of Village Latch Inn – See 8 Additional Pics!

At 8:30 a.m. on Saturday we were picked up by our driver Vinny. After a quick 90 minute drive we arrived at the Village Latch Inn. Many famous people stayed at the Inn including Al Gore and the King of Cool, Mr. John Stamos! I took a tour of the hotel and come back to the room to find my friend Chris testing out the various AXE hair styling products.

Since we had a casual lunch at 75 Main in Southhampton at 11:30 a.m. Chris wanted the “just rolled put of bed, messy look” so after referencing the Choose Your Own Look guide he went with Messy Look Paste.

Joining us at lunch were a few other writers and editors from men’s lifestyle sites. My old friend Cass from made it out which was a nice surprise and Sasha from AskMen flew down from Montreal for the weekend too. 75 Main is a classy establishment so I decided to have a mojito. Nothing like a rum drink to start the day right. Over lunch we learned that AXE is the first line of hair care products designed specifically for men and we also had a laugh at these hilarious grooming statistics from a recent survey conducted a six major college campuses.
After lunch we walked back to the hotel. I wanted to take the WASPiness to a whole new level and play some tennis but Chris didn’t want to. He says it’s because he didn’t bring shoes but I know the real truth, he’s scared of my sick skills. So instead I went for a bike ride down by the beach. What could have been leisurely exploration turned into a sweaty workout so after the ride I used Downpour relaxing mint shampoo with peppermint leaf extract which left me feeling refreshed, clean, cool and ready for anything. I was feeling in the mood to chill so we hit the pool which in the end was a smart decision because there were a couple of BarstoolSport’s worthy smoke shows catching some rays. Our choice to use the Laid Back Shaggy Look Cream also made sense in this situation because we it helped us exude a chill swagger every guy needs in the backyard hangout scenario.
At 3 p.m. AXE had us scheduled for Swedish Massages. Leading up to the experience I washed my hair with AXE Zen which has real green tea tree extract leaves which left me feeling calm and centered. For Cass, Chris and I this was our first massage experience and when it was all over we agreed on one thing, we should have been getting massages regularly for our entire lives.

After the massage we went back to the Village Latch Inn and started drinking Red Bull vodkas with Courtney and Shaun from Maxim at the Inn’s courtyard. The sun was going down but we still had a long night ahead of us. After a few more drinks it was time to get ready for dinner at Georgica, one of the most exclusive restaurants in the Hamptons. I took a shower and used AXE Heat Igniting Citrus 2 in 1 shampoo + conditioner with warming spices and citrus which fired me up for our upcoming night on the town.

While getting ready for dinner we decided to use the Sleek Shine Promenade for a sophisticated and refined look which was the right decision because Georgica was an ultra classy (and trendy spot) full of well dressed tastemakers. At dinner the drinks were flowing, everyone was enjoying the company and I crushed one of the most delicious Fillet Mignon’s of my life! Georgica is the type of place you go to eat but also be seen. Instead of rushing us out to turn over the tables the management kept our group around and had the waiters lining up to serve drinks. At around midnight it was time to head to the club.

Before leaving the club Chris and I made a pit-stop int he bathroom to throw some Charged putty in our hair. The Sleek shine look was perfect for Georgica but if we wanted to make moves at AXE Lounge we needed the ever popular spiked look without the crunchy feel. This paid off because let me tell you, the ratio between hot girls to guys was 2-1 so not only did the ratio work in our favor but our hair (especially mine) was f**king beautiful!

We got about ten bottles to our table and by 2 a.m. I was feeling like Jamie Foxx’s Blame It was written for me. We were all so damn Ballerifc, dancing up a storm, chugging champagne out of the bottle and making drinks for all our new friends.

When AXE wants to throw down they throw down. Over the course of 24 hours Chris and I tested out five different hair products and they really do have something for everyone. Even if you don’t consider yourself a hair nut just realize that studies show guys who regularly manage their hair really do get the girls so keep that in mind next time you’re at Wal-mart shopping for hair care products.

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