The Most Shameful Computer In America Winner!

The people have spoken and my hunch proved to be correct. Thousands voted but the most shameful computer in America turned out to be the one still running on Window 98. Seriously, bro? That was two years before the Willennium!
Just in time for back to school season the proud owner of the P.O.S. is going to be hooked up with a slick new tech set up. Michael D from Belmar, NJ will receive an incredible HP AMD prize bundle including an HP Elite 210f desktop powered by an AMD Phenom Quad Core processor, an HP 2509 monitor (yes, its HD) and HP dv6 powered by an AMD Phenom Quad Core Processor. You’re welcome Mike! Once everything is set up make sure you submit a few pictures to our Facebook group! And if you have a chances to destroy up your Window’s 89 PC on video we’d love to see that too!

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