Boston's Boy Sam Adams Interview and Exclusive Mixtape Download for COED Readers!

COED EXCLUSIVE: Download Sammy’s new mixtape single “Hold On” right here.. for free!!

I got to spend a day with Boston’s Boy Sam Adams a little while back in hostile territory (New York City) before his performance at Gramercy Theater. We met up at his hotel over looking the World Trade Center before making our way uptown to check out his sold out show. The show itself was one of the craziest party atmospheres I’ve ever experienced — security literally had to drag over a dozen girls out for being too drunk.
From everything I knew about Sam leading up to that day I expected a young aspiring rapper who is milking his fledgling fame to smoke weed all day, read about himself on Barstool Sports (which is his self proclaimed favorite site on the internet), and bang chicks — but what I found was a guy who takes his music very seriously and respects the rap game. However he’s all about doing something different and that’s why he wants lead a digital musical revolution. And after spending some time with him, I realized he might just have the talent, cockiness, drive, and good timing needed to do so.

Getting ready to go on stage...

Sam’s new album Boston’s Boy is still in stores and today his brand new music video for the song “Still I Rise” is premiering on MTV and!! The video features G Curtis on the hook and the set of a beautiful west coast mansion backdrop – watch it here! Sam’s next project is a free mixtape by the name of Party Records co-hosted by DJ Whoo Kid and DJ Cash, due on 9/23. The first single will be “Hold On” and Sam was nice enough to give COED readers the exclusive download!!

Now on to the interview…

You are a Red Sox Fan, who is/was your favorite player?
I’ve been a Red Sox fan since birth. Manny Ramirez..easily.
His attitude, character and the stuff he brought to the clubhouse like taping Pedro Martinez to the pole. Pedro was cool too but Manny takes the cake.
What were you doing when the Sox won the World Series?
I was at my house with Alex (points to Alex his now manager) and we drove into the city with brooms because we swept the Angels and started acting like idiots.
Are you still enrolled in college?
I am not, but I will be finishing up college soon.
What were you studying and how will you put that degree to work if one day you need to get a job?
Political science at Trinity College. I don’t really know. Personally I don’t see myself entering the political arena and I’d like to see myself doing something in the music industry.
What are some websites that you visit regularly?
I go on Barstool to check out what Dave and his writers are up to, they’re all hysterical, so I’m on there. The I’m always on Facebook updating and checking. I’m a pretty regular guy.
Where is your musical direction headed.
I want to get into this new sounds. the new genre of mixing electronic music with hip hop and big breaks, big synth. Stuff that other big hip hop artists don’t have at the moment.
Who are some examples of people who are doing that?
To take it to a very commercial level Flo Rida does it to a lot of David Guetta beats. Akon sings over a lot of fast paced techno beats. But there’s really no song that has a clear mix of hip hop that’s not commercially driven. I want to be witty and make people laugh to a sing that they can dance to is a dynamic we’ve always tried to achieve.

Sam’s 5 Steps To Being A Good Red Sox Fan…

1) You gotta be a great shit talker. Not matter what if you’re from Boston you should know how to heckle the other side.
2) You have to be able to swallow your pride and sit int he bleachers.
3) Own some Sox memorabilia. Hat and jersey are a must.
4) Be drunk, know how to party and hold your liquor.
5) Don’t be afraid to make an ass of yourself at the game. I’ve done it plenty of f**king times.

Sam’s 5 Drinks To Get The Party Going…

1) Dark and Stormy: Mount Gay rum, ginger beer and ice.
2) Goat Piss: It’s the ultimate jungle juice. Lemonade, grain alcohol, tequila, Gatorade, Sprite, and something else. It’s like jet fuel.
3) Obviously Jungle juice, that always gets the panties off and the throw-up out of your stomach.
4) Coors Light.
5) John Daly: A variation of the Arnold Palmer with iced tea, lemonade and vodka.

One of the most exciting concert/party vibes I've ever experienced.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

9/15 Ann Arbor, MI
9/16 Champaign, IL
9/18 Ames, IA
9/20 Columbus, OH
9/22 Fitchburg, MA
9/23 Boston, MA
9/24 Washington, DC
9/25 Lewisburg, PA
9/26 South Hackensa, NJ
10/15 New York, NY
10/16 Penn State, PA
10/22 Elon University, NC
10/23 Foxboro, MA
11/5 Richmond, VA

COED EXCLUSIVE: Download Sammy’s new mixtape single “Hold On” right here.. for free!!

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