How To Keep It Casual

Hot girl? Awesome. Hot girl who doesn’t want a relationship? Even more awesome. Sounds impossible, but if you draw (quite) a few lines, you can have a casual relationship that will hopefully go nowhere.
From the beginning, make sure you avoid all serious topics because opening up only leads to hugging and feelings. Make sure to always remind her of how busy you are with school, football, the Environmental Society and keeping up with politics. The busier you are means staying over is rare, yet you’re keeping her interested and letting her know that a relationship would be impossible.
Make sure when you do meet, that you only hang out at casual places, like a diner. A romantic bistro isn’t exactly the signal you’re trying to send. Set up simple plans after these semi-dates so you don’t hit the stage of implied weekend plans. Never leave these plans open-ended, either.
Once you’re in the causal relationship, keep your defense up. Don’t fall into patterns, no matter how comfortable they may be, because hanging out with her every Tuesday after dinner is not exactly laid-back. Inconsistent communication and spur-of-the-moment plans are key.
Continue to have simple topics of conversation while not being indifferent towards her. Be interesting but not revealing, because getting close to her would just be ugly. So if she brings up her ex, move on to a better topic like Will Ferrell. When you talk, always remind her of just how causal your relationship is with phrases, i.e.: “I have no idea what I’m doing this weekend.” And, most important, keep both her friends and yours away from anything you do. She’ll be less clingy if she doesn’t meet your friends, and you won’t need any approval from hers.
If you never have a serious conversation and never meet anyone she’s ever known, your relationship will remain casual.

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