Did You Know It's Possible To Break Your Penis?

There’s a little known, rare occurrence known as breaking one’s penis. You’re probably grabbing your crotch right now just thinking about it. Luckily, it’s nearly impossible to do. But just in case this one day happens to you, let’s learn how the horrid pain occurs, shall we?
While there are no actual bones in the penis, there are two chambers of spongy tissue running along the inside called the corpova cavernosa (let’s just refer to it as C.C.). An erection occurs when the muscles relax, causing blood to flow to the C.C. Then more technical stuff involving blood flow not escaping. But, all in all, this jargon basically means your penis is hard.
If your penis only consists of flesh and blood, how can it break?
Funny you should ask. If you thrust something that hard against something even harder, say a pubic bone or a headboard due to a poor miscalculation, the thick membrane around your C.C. can tear. You may hear a sound similar to a crack while quickly losing your erection. Your now extraordinarily painful and bruised penis may also bend to one side. Back to holding your crotch again?
If this ever occurs to you, get to a damn hospital. Upon immediate evaluation, surgery (yay, doctors!) can help you have erections once again as well as prevent possible permanent damage. Such aid may even put your penis back into its correct shape.
What have we learned from this makeshift anatomy lesson? Breaking your penis is extremely hard to do. Just don&#039t thrust ridiculously hard, and all will be well.

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