How To Keep "It" Hard

Guys, we know that the age-long concern over the issue of lasting longer in bed still plagues you. Believe it or not, the answers are really quite simple. There’s no need to rush over to your nearest CVS and spend countless dollars on that “unbelievable lubricant” advertised on that late-night TV infomercial in order to have your girl raving about your sex life together.
The Basics: First and foremost, eating well and exercising are key solutions. If you are living a healthy life and are happy with your girl, you will most likely have better results in bed. But let’s say you frequent the gym five times a week, your diet is low in fats and sugars, and yet you continue to experience difficulties in the bedroom. How much you masturbate may be a significant cause of your lack of longevity in the sack. So limit it. On another note, condoms are even more helpful than you may think because they can delay orgasms by making you less sensitive.
Technical difficulties
Some techniques while in the act can help your situation as well. Pace yourself and stay relaxed. Foreplay is a great way to do this – extending foreplay can extend the length of the sex and orgasm all together. There’s no pressure here – let foreplay run its own course and lead you two to sex naturally. Make sure to get positioned properly, take your time and get comfortable with each other.
These tactics are definitely worth trying. Hey, man, we’re talking about your sex life here!

The Frat-rat. Every House Has One
The Frat-rat. Every House Has One
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