Pros and Cons of the “New Monogamy”

With a ton of hotties surrounding you in class, at parties and in Starbucks, wandering eyes are a given. And at 20? Why wouldn’t you look around? Sure, there are those who are in L-O-V-E, but for the rest of us, staying monogamous isn’t always easy or the right thing.
Looks like you’re one lucky guy, because cheating by the rules has just become the new name of the game. This new monogamy has different rules depending on the couple, but the premise is that both partners can hook up with other people within the boundaries they’ve defined for each other.
Like everything else, this set-up has got its pros and cons:
Pro. Everyone’s horny. So if most relationships end, why not have some fun if you both agree upon it?
Con. Do you have true feelings for each other if you can let the other person hook up with others and feel nothing?
Pro. You keep the relationship fresh.
Con. You’re losing the one reason most people are together – security. Oh, and that love thing, too.
Pro. (We ran out of these.)
Con. You have even more problems to struggle with, including everyone’s favorite, jealousy!
If the new monogamy works for you, more power to you. They don’t call it “playing the field” for nothing. But we have this crazy feeling that you may be sticking with the old monogamy. After all, staring at that hot girl on the Starbucks line will never be considered cheating.

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