Words (and Phrases) Only A Douchebag Uses

Although we all love slang, some words have just been run into the ground or should be removed from a guy’s vocabulary altogether. The next time you hear someone utter any of the following words, push them down a flight of stairs.
Bromance: We get it, two straight guys who are unusually close to the point where they are a couple. It was a lot better when bromances were more subtle like buddy cop movies and not so obvious and obligatory.
Man Cave: The sacred place for men to be, well, men. The man cave itself won’t lose its luster, but the more people talk about it, the more mainstream it will become.
No Homo: If you really weren’t homophobic, you wouldn’t have to say “No Homo” after every mundane interaction with another male.

Epic Fail: We get it; someone added insult to injury and it spread like wildfire across YouTube.
GTL: You can thank the Italian, non-Italians from Jersey Shore for this one.
TFM: Nothing says “I am a preppy, trust-fund baby douche” than ending a sentence with Total Frat Move.
Tiger, Boss, Chief, Hoss, Sport, Ace: Of all the patronizing things you can call someone, especially in the gym, these are probably the worst to hear from someone who is a total stranger.
Brah/Brus/Broski/Broseph: These words deserve their own space because nothing else can match their douchiness.
While we’re at it, here are some overused phrases that most guys can’t stand hearing:
“I’d hit that”
“That’s how I roll”
“I’m funna…”
“Getting swole”
“Get on my level”

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