The 10 Most Popular Ghetto Superstars on YouTube

Youtube has brought us many a visual delight over the years. It’s given the average Joe and Jane a platform, a voice to spread his or her message. One awesome side effect – it’s brought characters from the local news into the global spotlight. We’ve profiled local news reporter FAILs, now we take a gander at the most popular ghetto fabulous figures. Similar to how we determined the most popular women on the web according to Google, we’ve added up the total video views on YouTube to rank the most popular ghetto stars on the internet. E’erybody who seen these ghetto YouTube stars say, “YEAAAAAAH!”


10. Ask Propicia

Total Views: 707,960 (1 upload)
Total Comments: 1,742
Star: Propicia


9. Chicken Tetrazzini

Total Views: 1,873,000 (3 Uploads)
Stars: Alycia and Maury


8. “Woo Woo” Whistle Tips

Total Views: 1,956,000 (6 Uploads)
Stars: Bubb Rubb and Lil’ Sis


7. You Are Not The Father Dance

Total Views: 3,311,000 (2 Uploads)
Stars: Andrews and Maury


6. Ice Cream Truck Hit and Run

Total Views: 4,230,000+ (10+ uploads)
Stars: Optimo 55 Souf


5. Ghost Ride Music Video

Total Views: 4,849,000 (2 Uploads)
Notes: There have been many Ghost Ride fails since the video got popular.
Stars: Mista FAB


4. Ghetto Reporter

Total Views: 7,810,000 (10 Total Uploads)
Star: Unknown


3. Whopper Freak Out

Total Views: 11,388,000 (6 Uploads)
Stars: Unknown


2. Leprechaun in Mobile

Total Views: 17,500,000 (4 uploads)
Notes: Video has a rap remix, a top selling t-shirt and a cameo on South Park.
Stars: Say Yeah” guy, the Ghetto Leprechaun, “could be a crackhead” lady, “leprechaun flute” guy and “I want the gold” guy.


1. Bedroom Intruder

Total Views: 65,000,000+ (7+ uploads)
Notes: The original video was remixed with autotune, became a #1 single on iTunes and was performed live at the BET awards. Congrats Antoine Dodson, when coverbands are performing your song and you have a Halloween costume you’ve made it.
Stars: Antone Dodson

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