The Bravest Cat In New York City [PIC]

I was eating lunch at Qdoba and minding my own business, when all of a sudden a red Camry screeched to a sideways stop across 23rd street — blocking all traffic and causing me to duck for cover.  My first thought: “oh shit, jihad is going down.” My second thought: “will I have time to eat my taco before I get killed?” and my third thoughts “oh this must be a film set for The Fastest and the Furiousest.”
But a crowd of people standing around the car made me think this might be something even more exciting. I walked outside to see what was happening and noticed everyone bending over to look under the car. So being the investigative journalist that I am,  I walked over to take a look. As I got closer I heard a loud meowing sound. Turns out the red Camry driver ran over a cat and it got stuck inside the car.

Some guy named @TheCountvon Tweeted about the incident

Fast forward five minutes later. Traffic was backed up in both directions from river to river and the crowd had grown to over 50 people.  Well 50 level-headed people and 3 chicks bawling their eyes. Like calm down. This isn’t the Hills.

A quick thinking meathead in a suit came up with a plan: lift the car! A group of five men (I totally would have helped…but you know…can’t risk the Qdoba getting cold) gathered around the car, lifted it partially off the ground with just enough space for someone to reach in and pull the cat out. It took some tugging, but the meathead reached into the car fearlessly and ripped out the cat.
Once the cat was safe on the sidewalk, it really started to cry. But I would cry to if I was bleeding from my face.

On an uplifting note it was sitting up right and looked to be in surprisingly good shape (this coming from the guy who threw up last time he went to the gym). Someone ran into Energy Kitchen, grabbed a few napkins, and created a makeshift ER for the car. The meathead wiped the cat down, petted it gently, and yelled for everyone to call the ASPCA. I’ll give him credit for caring.

On a sour note, a girl tried to get the police to direct traffic away from the accident before someone got hurt, and she was hung up on three times. Fuck the po-lice, this was a great example of normal everyday citizens taking the time to do something right.
So if any agents out there are reading this, you got your next action movie all figured out. Just note that this cat will probably insist on stunt double.

Note: There were a ton of people taking video and shooting photos of this, if you have media send it to and we’ll update the post and credit you.

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