Items Chicks Wear That Absolutely Turn Men On (And Vice Versa)

Just the other day, I saw a TV commercial for French champagne, with a drop dead gorgeous super model who wore nothing but a tiny, really cut off dress. Although she went on for about one minute talking about that fantastic champagne, I couldn’t concentrate on her speech because of the sexy dress she was wearing.
Zapping for about ten minutes on other channels, I’ve arrived to the conclusion, that almost everywhere you have a hot chick, which tries to sell you something. They are blond, brunettes, skinny or with curves, all kind of beauties having just one thing in common: really tiny and sexy clothing items!
It made me think about women clothes which could really turn men on and of course, vice versa, what women find so sexy on the male population.

When it comes to ladies, men love to see us wearing skirts and dresses. They will always win against any kind of trousers. So ladies, even if you posses some kind of fashionable pair of baggy pants, don’t wear them on a date with your Mr. Right…or Mr. Right Now, because they want to see curves. Get something tight fitting instead of loose! You can be comfortable at home, in front of your PC but not on a date.
Socks are a big No, while stockings a big YES. It seems that almost every guy absolutely loves them, and you can be sure that by wearing them, you’ll get lucky that night. If men could choose for us, surely they would buy mostly those sexy fishnet body stockings.
Another big turn on are heels. Either with pants, dresses or skirts, they always are preferred, because you’ll look hotter, slimmer and svelter.
It comes at the end of my list, but clearly it should be out there on the first position: a casual dress code! Nothing goes better with a Victoria’s Secret body, than jeans and a white T-shirt. Almost each guy I know finds this a big turn on.
Another point, on which absolutely all agree, is sexy lingerie. If you have a hot date, leave those grandma’s panties or your old cotton bra at home, and wear a lot of black lace and thongs. Every lady should have something see-through and made of lace in her wardrobe.
Now that we know which are the preferences of the male segment of the population, let’s see what us ladies, find a big turn on.
We just go crazy for a man, who manages to keep it all very simple; that means looking hot in jeans and a shirt. Surely, the fashion magazines have the most wacky male fashion styles lately, but even the males should respect the good old rule: less is more. Nothing looks as fresh and sexy, as a guy with a pair of jeans and a shirt on him. Guys, let the ladies experiment with styles, and you just keep it all very simple.
Another thing which drives us crazy is the combination: suit and tie. You will never go wrong with that one!
Well these were just a couple of the ideas I’ve managed to put together, but I’m happy to hear yours, so write me what else makes you just go insane if you see it on your partner.

7 thoughts on “Items Chicks Wear That Absolutely Turn Men On (And Vice Versa)”

  1. Yes , i do agree with the above , as a men , whenever i saw a lady dressed up in the following combinations "skirt , half slip , high heels , stockings , strapless tops etc" i can't get my eyes off her , its a big turn on for men like me.

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  5. Laletta, if that is is your name, I would like to see an article about the things a couple do or change AFTER they have gone through the dating rituals to catch each other.
    Like women will cut their long, beautiful hair to the bottom of ear level and men will quit opening doors for her.
    I am sure their are other things that we change or quit doing for each other as the relationship moves on.
    Thanks, Joe

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