We're Ballistic Over the Ballistic HC iPhone Case

If you’re going to shell out $200 for an iPhone, you better add on another $49.99 for a four layer protective case.  Indeed, four layers.  Imagine if condoms could offer four layers of protection.  You buy enough of those–why not invest in some consideration for your iPhone, too?  After all, it’s there for you when your date’s gone.  Your phone will survive your drunken handling as it plunges with you off the deck into the patio furniture–or falls victim to your body weight as you face plant while stumbling to your dorm room.  The advertisement on the Ballistic site brings to mind extreme sports in addition to extreme drinking, so you’re covered on every base.
The unique design is what really makes it work.  Two internal hard shells snap over the phone itself, including a built-in screen protector that allows for touch response as accurate as if your phone were naked.  The rubber portion fits around the back of the phone, and then the whole unit snaps face-down on the holster for ultimate durability.  The holster, as the name might imply, fits securely on any waistband or bag strap for ultra co-dependency.  The clip rotates 180 degrees, so you’re good if your drunken buddy decides he wants to play with the phone attached to your hip before you have the chance to punch him in the face.
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