Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 [VIDEO GAME REVIEW]

I had extremely high expectations for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 because the first one blew me away. I’m used to movie franchise games sucking like Transformers and Star Trek. But the first Force Unleashed had a very unique story that any Star Wars fan would love. It pains me to say it, but The Force Unleashed 2 takes a step back instead of building off its fantastic original.

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The Force Unleashed 2 starts off right where the first one left off. I am going to keep this as spoiler free as possible but the answers to your questions are in the intro. The graphics are phenomenal and Lucas Arts definitely put a lot of time and effort to make it one of the best looking Star Wars games to date. The weather effects are some of the best I have ever seen in a game. The way the rain interacts with any character on screen is a sight to see. Dismembering your foes with your light saber is one of the coolest things I’ve done in a game in a quite some time. In addition, the cut scenes are extremely well done as well and the voice acting is on point.
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Unfortunately, that’s about all I liked from this game. For starters, this game will only take six hours to finish. In addition to its short story, the Force Unleashed 2 is way too easy. You’re basically given all the powers you’ll need to finish the game within the first hour or two. You then speed through each level basically murdering everything. I love hack and slash games, but this got way too easy after I was able to force push my way through the whole game. I literally could keep pressing the same button and walk through the level. I tried ramping the game’s difficulty up but it didn’t matter. I’m pretty sure Helen Keller could finish this game.

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The combat system has been tweaked a little with certain enemies needing to be defeated certain ways. But the flaw to this new combat system is the game keeps using the same enemies over and over again and you’ll find yourself doing the same thing time and time again. The first time I punched an enemy in the air and slashed him up was cool. However, after killing the same enemy three times in a row, I was left wanting more.

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The boss fights were pretty awesome especially the last one which I won’t give away. The game has two endings just like the first that I enjoyed and was especially blown away by the “dark side ending.” I won’t give anything away, but knowing the ending is pretty cool should help you get through a pretty mediocre game.
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The Force Unleashed 2 puts me in a very unique spot; I wanted to like this game so much since the first day I heard it was coming out. But with a flat story, repetitive combat system and taking only six hours to complete I find myself let down. I would recommend the Force Unleashed 2 if you’re a true Star Wars nut but, if not, you might want to pick this one up used. This game reminds me of the Phantom Menace; it has all the potential in the world but it’s going to find a way to ruin your experience

FINAL SCORE: 2 out of 5 lightsabers



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  1. Loved the first one, but I regret spending full price for this game. I think I would regret spending $20 on this game. The whole experience has left me unfulfilled in any way and very dissatisfied. I bought it yesterday and it's going back today.

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