Top Five Best Baseball Brawls

Baseball fights are like a good, old bar fight. Swinging punches, spilled beer (from the angry fans), and the occasional baseball bat. In fact the only thing that gets us more heated than fights are the WAGs. With MLB about to get underway, here are some of the best bench-clearing brawls baseball has ever provided.

1.  Nolan Ryan vs. Robin Ventura

What’s worse than getting beat up by a 44-year old man? How about getting your ass pummeled by a 44-year old man on national television. What can you expect from a guy with the first name of Robin?


2. Coco Crisp vs. James Shields

How bad did everyone wish that Shields landed that punch on Crisp’s face? I mean even Boston fans would’ve probably liked to see their no-power pretty boy get roughed up a bit. After all, Coco Crisp was playing for the Kansas City Royals less that six-months after the incident.




3. Izzy Alcantara vs. Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Red Barons

During a Triple-A game,  Izzy kicks the catcher before charging the mound. Smart move, but probably not the greatest for your reputation.



4. Chan Ho Park vs. Tim Belcher

No one ever thought when players from Asia begin to play in the MLB that they their awesome martial arts techniques would also be a factor. Insert: Chan Ho Park pulling out some Mortal-Kombat shit on Tim Belcher with some two-legged, karate kick action.



5. Earl Weaver vs. The Umpires

Okay, so it isn’t exactly a fight but you gotta love the crazy amount of shit-talking that comes out of this old man’s mouth.

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  2. You completely missed the most epic fight of all time. Yankees manager Billy Martin fought outfielder Reggie Jackson in the dugout at Fenway Park. Nobody on the visiting side dugout had any idea why everyone else in the stadium was freaking out.

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  7. The whole 2008 season with the Tampa Bay Rays,who went on to the World Series, was inspired by fights.

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