VICE Looks For Real Zombies In Haiti

If you haven’t heard of VICE magazine, man, are you missing out. I’ve been a subscriber since birth – YES, BIRTH – and if I go 1 month without reading an issue, I break out into massive puss-filled boils that, if unattended, turn me into a Crankypants McGee. If you’re a cool kid, you can usually just pick one up for FREE at secret locations (hint: American Apparel). If you’re uncool like me, just subscribe. They hate that, but F them, they’re rich.

Anyway, one of their shows on is called, “Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia“. It’s all about Hamilton Morris, VBS’s resident drug expert who treks the globe in search of the perfect buzz.
Recently, he filmed a six part series called, “Nzambi”, in which he goes to Haiti in search of zombies or more specifically, the secret poison that puts people in a death-like state. According to Wikipedia, “Zombi” is a Creole word, thought to be derived from Nzambi, supreme god of the Bacongo people of Angola. So, check it out then make a poison of your own! LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Don’t do that.
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