6 Reasons Why Taylor Swift Sucks

Taylor Swift has a new album out–“Speak Now”–and nothing I say will stop its success. I realize that. I’m okay with it. But there’s no way in Hell I’m going to let you sheep follow her to iTunes or the record store and make that purchase without knowing in simple detail the six reasons why Taylor Swift sucks. Here goes:
1. You can’t get away from her.
There are no country presets on my car stereo, yet because Swift appeals to the lowest common denominator of consumers–grade school girls and trendy high school hellcats, who think that prom and the 10-year reunion will be the most important times in their lives–I am forced to turn it from my beloved radio stations every time drivel like “Tim McGraw,” “Our Song,” “Love Story,” “You Belong to Me,” or “Today Was a Fairy Tale” screeches onto the dial.
2. Swift sells a b.s. depiction of guy-girl relationships.
Okay, think about the genre. This is country music. Sure, it’s crossed over, but that’s where recordings like “Our Song” planted their roots. Picture the character in “Our Song” singing about how special and poetic her boyfriend is: “he says, ‘Our song is a slammin’ screen door, Sneakin’ out late, tapping on your window, When we’re on the phone and you talk real slow, ‘Cause it’s late and your mama don’t know. Our song is the way you laugh, The first date man, I didn’t kiss her and I should have, And when I got home, ‘fore I said amen, Asking God if He could play it again.'” Yep, sounds like the redneck weirdos that I went to school with here in the South, and the guys who were always texting each other naked pics of their latest lay of the month.
3. Female characters never take responsibility for their actions in her music.
“Picture to Burn” is a song in which the jilted female decides that to show her boyfriend, who’s probably a four-wheel driving brute redneck since this is country music after all, she’s going to relegate his memory (repped by pictures) as just another picture that she can burn. You’re not important to me. I’ll recover. That’s why I’ve got to have a bonfire for your sorry ass instead of just throwing everything out and moving on with my miserable existence. Great move, Taylor. Why don’t you shoot for someone more sensitive next time, like John Mayer? Surely he’ll get you since you’re so freaking perfect and must not have done anything to run this damn bozo off.
4. She is reading retarded, but doesn’t know it.
Swift recently appeared to a group of grade school children and encouraged them to read more. Great advice. She should try taking it herself. One need only look at the disastrous “Love Story” that in one line reveals the degradation of our education system. “You were Romeo, I was a Scarlet Letter…” Okay, he was Romeo, and you were some married adulterous whore that couldn’t keep her legs shut for other men. Makes perfect sense. Of course, The Scarlet Letter is not usually read until college. Swift was probably in high school when the song started taking shape. But still, that begs the question: why the hell use a reference from a book you haven’t read that makes no sense whatsoever the way that it’s delivered. I’m not one to throw the word “retard” around, but here it seems relevant.
5. Her music is stereotypical high school gutter trash.
“You Belong to Me” and “Love Story” are been-there, done-that bullcrap, aced in much better fashion by other media such as every teen comedy ever made and Romeo and Juliet, respectively. Swift’s songs are populated with talks of princesses, fairy tales, and young high school love or getting a guy to notice. It is a pretty embarrassing public record that has made Swift tons of money as a consolation prize. And that’s only because her rabid fans, the ones that sing along every time one of these two songs plays on the radio, which happens about 15 times per day by the way, are equally as pathetic. You say one bad thing about the girl, and it’s like you attacked someone’s faith. Well, this is number five. I got one more to go, so blast away.
6. Dudes got her number, i.e. she has no self respect.
Joe Jonas said that “issues with” his relationship led to their breakup. That was after Swift blurted to the public that Jonas had broken up with her during a 27-second breakup call.
Meanwhile, Swift’s new album makes a rather public mention of her fling with John Mayer, in which the pitiable country starlet bashes Mayer, one might guess, for not wanting to put his life on hold and put up with her b.s. for public viewing. Not a Mayer fan, but when your ex writes a song about how much you hurt her and then publicly speaks about it, it’s pretty clear that this chick has issues and the man was wise to get the hell out of there while the getting was good.

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  1. Nobody cares about what you "hipster" "indie" people think. I do not listen to Taylor Swifts music, but guess what a lot of kids and people do. You have no right to bash her like that! You have to give the girl some respect, at least she's doing something and succeeding.
    Yes, I love Radiohead but I'm so sick of you "indie scene hipster people" trashing everyone else and thinking your soooo cool because you listen to that type of music.
    Also, your website should really just stick to entertainment, music, sports etc…. I mean, "naked girls" "porn ads" and c'mon Miley Cyrus? she's a manor!
    Stop trying to poison people with your negative attitude.

  2. The scarlet letter part is reffering to the fact that she was untouchable. In the novel, Hester Pryne is an outcast, and it is due to her letter. Juliet was the Hester Pryne of Romeo & Juliet. Your argument is invalid.

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  4. it was jolly riveting to deliver assign to coedmagazine.com
    I yearn for to quote your register in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

  5. To all these fools who are bashing this poor guy for daring to voice his opinion: blow me. To the author: Don't worry man, pop fans are always the craziest S.O.B.'s in the world. Just look at the ones who go nutballs over Justin Bieber or Twilight. Behind every blond pop clone, be it Madonna, Britney Spears, Aguilera or Swift, there's always a few thousand frothing, rabid teenage girls who are ready to chuck their cell phones at you for decrying their latest excuse for female empowerment. Take heart man.

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  7. First off a what's a manor? Second stop calling people who are actually into good music indie hipsters. Like homosexuals to Seinfeld, not that's there's anything wrong with Indie Hipsters! Swift SUUCCCKKKSS!!! Okay her voice is weak, she's manufactured and way overexposed. I have nothing against her personally but talent wise there's nothing there! I saw her perform on TV with Def Leppard and auto tune or not she couldn't hold a tune comapred to Joe Elliott whose voice hasn't been up to snuff (compared to the old days) for years. Just like Cyrus. I don't know, when I was in school there were real female singer songwriters Alanis, Juliana Hatfiled, Tori Amos, Tracey Bonham, Sarah Mac, Fiona Apple (who wrote incredible lyrics when she was younger than Swift). Jesus, I remember going to some of these concerts and seeing preteen girls there! What the hell happend to appreciation of real talent! I mean adult women who defend Swift, Britney, Kesha or Kasha whatever plus the biggest little girl of them all Beiber. Are you f***ing kidding me! When you hit twenty years old you shouldn't know who is on Top 40 radio, I'm sorry! Maybe even eighteen!

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  9. More like A for Adultery numbnuts. She committed adultery and the scarlet letter was a label for her crime. Regardless, saying she's a scarlet letter is not parallel with the guy being Romeo. Makes no sense.

  10. She really does suck. Taylor Swift's spent all those years writing music and she's still not that good at all on the guitar. Still sticking with easy repetitive open chords. She reminds me a lot of those girls out there who can sing, write and play their own music. If she's made that $50 mil, so should have all of my singer/songwriter female friends!
    She really embarrasses that Taylor guitar too. If she was just gonna play those 4 easy open chords, should have just bought a guitar from a thrift store and learned more before you bought some high – end guitar like that and don't even use it to the max, such a waste!
    Her music reminds me a lot of John Mayer's music. Every tune of every song sounds pretty much the same. The difference is that John is pretty amazing on the guitar.
    Jason Mraz is who I consider REAL TALENT. Here's proof: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezrkthNfs3A
    Enjoy Jason and stop listening to Taylor, her music is for teenagers, and if you are a teenager who wants to argue with me, don't bother, i can't even hear you!

  11. For real, thank you!! Don't have anything against the girl, but my god I'm tired of seeing her all the time! It justs angers me that they're doing a documentary on her life as she was a special musician and songwriter!!! I was just thinking about Fiona Apple and how a lot of people hated her and thought she was a whiny anorexic girl,and how everyone loves Taylor Swift!! Why? because she's pretty? So are many female songwriters. Because she was teased in high school? Come on!!!!! EVERYONE gets teased in junior high and high school; it's the norm. Fiona Apple was raped, for god sakes! The talented musicians feel sadness, hate, injustice and know how to express it, and not sing about some douchy guy dumping you for the thong wearing cheerleader! I'm not saying it's only right to write about sadness and anger when you had a crappy life, but don't mix angsty lyrics with buttercream frosting- like sweetness and expect listeners to eat it up and call you a genius. It makes me angry that true talent is forgotten nowadays and music that has changed your life and touched your soul is only remembered by Generation Xers. Oh, and now Taylor Swift is more known for her love life nowadays.

  12. You missed the most major point on why she sucks. She can't sing. She is making millions doing something that she can't do. And to call her country is a BIG insult to country. Most "artists" that they call country are not. The problem is, the so called industry experts don't know what country is. What is currently being touted as country is pop and rock.

  13. Quite frankly- dude, you suck. I´ll be happily smiling coming back here reading your pressed asses, when she racks up all these awards next year.

  14. Taylors music is Beautiful! It may be classified as country but it’s country pop and you’ve never heard of country people talk about boys and holy you read the Scarlett letter in high school! I may be wron about te genre bur you can’t deny the fact that her music andsinging is brilliant. If you don’t like her than she’s not your type of music. She helps alot of teenage girls with their confidence in boys and to express their feelings in songs. Ex. If I high school fan of Taylor is in a breakup they could write about it in a song to get their feeelings out. So stop critizing her words because all your ever gonna be is mean. Which brings me to the conclusion where her song mean isabout the people like you who critisize her when so many love her music! <3 carlie

  15. All you people dont even know what youre talking about . Taylor IS a good singer. Or at least way better than most people who dont even tour because they know they cant sing. She is a beautiful person no matter what her voice is like.

  16. Sweetie, you need to stop. You may be a fan now, but you probably won't be later because your idol is a packaged image with a lackluster voice. She writes songs that are easy to sing along to but she can't hit the high notes. Check out her duet with Stevie Nicks at last year's Grammys. She butchered Rhiannon, and her own songs. She has limited range, like an octave, is flat, and doesn't even know when she's off key, which is four out of five times. She sings about the same material, over and over again, and she always plays the part of the perfect angel on the track to getting the most sympathy. Someone criticizes her, Poor Taylor. Nope. She's a multi-platinum, Grammy winner who can never deliver live. Every live performance by Taylor Swift sucks. They are deplorable. As for her beauty, she has a whole styling team curling her hair and wears like five pounds of makeup. Is that artificial enough for you or would like some more glitter on top? She's 21 and has been through how many guys? And they're all dumping her? Something must be wrong with her. She's a spoilt diva whose fans are half her age, says something about her maturity. She doesn't have staying power in the music industry. There are far more talented people and singers (not screechers like she) out there.

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  18. Look, I don't like the girl, but at least two of the reasons you listed generalized and insulted country music – not Taylor Swift herself. There are some greats out there in the country music business, albeit most of them are dead…anyway, stick to one subject. Do you hate Taylor Swift because her songs all sound the same and are an insult to feminists everywhere – or do you just hate her because she's considered country music, and you don't like country music?

  19. I don't know. Is she an outcast because she has an embroided letter on her dress or is it because she had sex with a foreign priest? Hmm.

  20. It's fucking spelled MINOR dumbass. And wtf is that shit about "indie scene hipster people" wtf are you talking about? Where you high when you wrote this?

  21. Taylor Swift is the most annoying wanna-be country singer! She sucks! She doesn't deserve the money she has made because its all from marketing schemes and not because of real talent. She sings the same ole whinny songs and call those country?????

  22. I read Scarlett letter in High School you dumbass. It was freakin 2nd year crap. Your very confused!

  23. No. I like country music, I like Twain and Underwood. Taylor's songs' MELODY are great, but the lyrics and her singing is not. I hope you listened to her live. I hope you know that she's using the same chords for her songs, which I kinda think is genius. And I hope you know that she sings only about one thing.

  24. We don't buy records just because she is a beautiful person. We buy records because the album is great, the artist's voice is audible!

  25. How could you compare Hester to Juliet? Have you read the novel. Plus, if your argument is real, I bet Swift doesn't even know it.

  26. You are right they do not know wath they are talking about and it's true that she is a beautiful person no matter what her voice is like . YOU ROCK!!!

  27. You people fucking suck! I love Taylor she's incredibly cute and sweet who the fuck cares if she dates a lot she's young she has to be the nicest celeb in Hollywood I rather adore her music her lyrics have meaning to it

  28. lol yes your absolutely right,her songs are too repetitve and she is getting boring. did i mention she is overrated? very overrated. and no one should regard her genre of music as country because even the rednecks dont want her sappy pop love songs either.

  29. Check this out this is why a parent regrets taking her daughter to see a Taylor Swift concert. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/andrea-lampros/tayl
    I won't take my daughter to one. Thank goodness she's not really a fan.
    And doesn't it seem a little odd that about a week or so after this article came out Justin Bieber was on stage singing his song baby with her it was all over the net hard to miss. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vfiA8RojjY
    If you ask me she was just using Beiber to make herself look good after this mistake so that she wouldn't lose fans or something. That kid better grow some brains or else people are always going to keep using him for his fame and publicity. Its sad to see young people taken advantage of and young people acting so petty and ridiculous.

  30. One day you will no longer be 12 years old, and hopefully you will find out what real music written by real artists is all about.

  31. God She Sucks!! THe new song really stinks when she says "Why you gotta be so mean?" It sounds like some dying cow or some retarded loser talking. Her voice is not singer quality and it just sounds like talking with no catchiness no beat no nothing! It just sucks!

  32. I think Swift's music is only okay, but having said that, I know that the author of this piece goofed on the name of 1 of her songs: it's "You Belong With Me", not "You Belong To Me".

  33. she does take responsibility for her actions.
    have you heard the song back to december?
    its about HER making all the mistakes in the relationship

  34. If she offends feminists, then that's one reason to like her. I don't care at all for the "Southern Belle Simper" that she puts on all the time; that doey-eyed buck-toothed look that Scarlett O'Hara was always trying to lay on Rhett Butler. She's just to cuitesy for me. If you like her, hey, go for it. Nothin' wrong with that, honey, if it pleases you and doesn't hurt anyone. I am 64 years old and will be a Beatles fan untill I take the dirt nap. Thanks for listenin'.

  35. The fact that she is entirely the product of "marketing" is bad enough, but many such acts actually had talent during the 60's. She has the hype of the Beatles but, unfortunately, the talent of Herman's Hermits. But she's "sweet", so I guess it's "mean" to vomit when she starts to "sing". Better to just not listen to her but to listen to good music instead.

  36. If you're going to present a list of reasons that explain why Taylor Swift sucks in a seemingly "logical" manner, you might want to ensure that you don't incorrectly use the phrase "to beg the question."

  37. Im a girl and I dont like her. Her voice is ok, but forgettable and her songs are total bs. Nobody has a relationship like she says in her music. Shes like Bruno Mars… feeding the 12-18 demographic all the cheesy crap they crave.

  38. I have got another reason for you:Taylor swift sends out the most HORRIBLE MORALS!Eg:In mean she is saying that a bully can't amount to anything and she's telling the audience to bully the bully,when chances are that the bully is having a hard time and is taking it out on schoolmates,or grew up with an abusive/mean family and learned to be a bully from them.Also,another song that has a horrible moral is Speak Now,because she vilifies the bride who didn't really do anything except propose/be proposed to by the man and accept/be accepted,when Taylor is the one who is sneaking into a wedding,and breaking it up!It's not like the Bride is holding a gun to the guys head saying ''Marry me or else'',THE GUY IS MARRYING THE BRIDE ON HIS OWN ACCOUNT!And she's saying ''You're not right for him,I am''.And ANOTHER song with a completely horrible moral:''You Belong with Me'',Again,she vilifies the girl who is dating the person taylor wants to date???WHAT THE HECK DID SHE DO WRONG TAYLOR?!?And again,the girl isn't like threatening him and going ''Date me or else'',honestly,and also ''Omg,we're like never ever ever getting back together'',Taylor,did you really have to write a ****ing song about that?!?

  39. i agree these people should stop hating on her i love all her music so hate me if you want to people but shes a HUMAN and works hard and doesnt deserve all this BS stop stop hating on her ppl and ?????? i agree totally with you

  40. I agree with Carlie her music is amazing i love her music too i went to her tour in 2010 for fearless and won a meet and great and i still love her to this day and im 14

  41. I find it funny how you're bullying the ones that dislike Taylor swift simply because they are expressing their opinion,also,learn some grammar,you're going to fail English in school if you don't.

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