5 Things Every College Guy Needs to Have Behind the Bar

Professional bartenders have a multitude of ingredients at their disposal to make a bevy of fascinating cocktails.  This list is for those who have limited space, and limited funds. It will provide the basic accessories of an at-home bar that will get you serving thirst quenching drinks without needing the resources of a mixologist.

1. Grenadine. If you don’t know what it is already, grenadine is a sweet, slightly cherry or pomegranate flavored, syrup.  It’s what they used to put in your ginger ale when you were a kid to make a Shirley Temple.  Now you’re old, and it’s time to use it for what it was made to do: make your drinks sweet and colorful. The added bonus is that girls will love sweet and colorful drinks.  Try making a tequila sunrise.

2. Sour Mix. The main ingredient in margaritas can unlock many different drink possibilities.  It adds sweetness with some acidity giving a nice refreshing citrus taste.  Just like grenadine, it can help some of the harsher liquors go down smoothly.  Try making a whiskey sour to change things up from a Jack & Coke.

3. Peach Schnapps.  It’s hard to know why, but peach schnapps can make anything taste good.  If you don’t want to splurge on top shelf booze, add a half shot of this to eliminate any evidence that your alcohol came out of a plastic bottle.  In this way, it will last for months.  Use it in a screwdriver to smooth out the orange juice and vodka.

4. Energy Drinks.  The effects of mixing of caffeine and alcohol are no secret anymore, so having Red Bull, Monster, or Full Throttle on hand is important.  Avoid the caffeinated cocktails that come premixed, they sneak up on you too fast, and they rarely taste too good.  Use the bright yellow energy drinks to mix with blue curacao and vodka to make a drink called kryptonite.

5. Shot Glasses.  The little glasses are good for more than just taking a straight shot or lining up some shooters.  They are good for portion control when you are serving your friends drinks, and they are the only proper way to execute a good Irish car bomb.

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