Fact: Donald Glover Is F**king Awesome

I’ve been following Donald Glover‘s career since 2006 when he raped a bro I’ve known since Kindergarten. Back in those days Donald was producing videos with his internet sketch comedy group Derrick Comedy and now year’s later you can see Donald alongside Joel McHale in NBC’s Community, or in this well known Funny or Die I am Tiger Woods parody video. There was even a rumor that he was going to be the new Spiderman…how far he has come.
I randomly ran into Donald at the Ace Hotel in Manhattan this morning and it got me amped to revive our 8 Most Hilarious Derrick Comedy Videos. These Derrick videos really are some of the funniest sketches you’ll ever see. 97 million people have watched their videos on YouTube but if this is your first taste of Derrick Comedy, then brace yourself, you’re in for a treat.
• Check out his website iamdonald.com to see some cool shit.

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