Mysterion's Identity Revealed, BMS Says Just Reggie Bush It


In the second part of a scheduled three-parter, South Park fans learned the identity of Mysterion (and Mosquito) and found out everyone’s favorite fat kid Eric Cartman has a soft side.
Mysterion springs the show’s first major revelation: unlike the Coon and Friends, he really does have a superpower. But, what is it?
Coon is no longer part of Coon and Friends so he confronts Cthulhu on his own, and the two strike up a friendship that bears shades of The Neverending Story.
Meanwhile, in another comic book-style sequence, the source of Captain Hindsight’s power is revealed and we meet his companions: Coulda, Shoulda, and Woulda.
At the bake sale, one of the members of the Cthulhu cult spills the goods on the Necronomicon. The boys then head back to base, and see it’s been raided. But who could be responsible?
Captain Hindsight, of course! He’s looking for evidence to clear his name in the massive smear campaign launched by Coon in last week’s episode. Hindsight whines about his curse. Mysterion then reveals his: “I can’t die!” Sound familiar?
As the episode nears its cliffhanger, Clyde is revealed as the Mosquito (big shocker there) and several prominent figures from town are outed as members of Cthulhu’s cult, least surprising of whom are the Goth Kids.

Mysterion confronts the Goth kids, but is killed by the cult leader, only for him to awake in his bed under the watchful eyes of his friends. They ask him why he ran away, remembering nothing.
Now the stage is set for part three: Coon and Friends vs. Coon and Cthulhu? Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion!
Tonight’s Message: You know, I learned something today…Mysterion is Kenny! And Cthulhu is kinda ticklish.
Watch the full episode over at South Park Studios.

Recap by Aric Mitchell


After watching the commercial, if there actually was a Greg James Chicken Shack I would definitely eat there!
Unlike ESPN who pulled their football show, “Playmakers”, because the NFL was unhappy with it, Spike can do whatever they want with Blue Mountain State. If any college were to actually admit to the stuff that goes on during a Blue Mountain State episode they’d be on the death penalty in a heartbeat!
Case in point was last night’s show. The team was at a party at coach’s house and Thad and Radon got to talking about how they want a house like that when they go pro. Conversation turns to how they want it now (awesome karate chop by Radon to Thad’s throat), and Alex has a solution on how they can get it.
“Just Reggie Bush it.”
With him and Sammy, the mascot, acting as go-betweens the gifts start rolling in. How anyone thought to wonder what gold would feel like on their nuts is beyond me (but hilarious).
Of course all good things must come to and end. The annoying as hell, Rudy wannabee decided to try and blackmail the coach into letting him play. Instead, the team came together and framed him as the bad guy.
In the end, Alex got to stay on the team, Sammy learned a life lesson about power, and the world got a new pop culture reference.
Just Reggie Bush it.
Check out last week’s episode over at Spike.

Recap by Travis Pulver

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