Fear Boners And D.I.H.C. On 30 Rock And The League

30 Rock’s “Gentleman’s Intermission”

Jack’s gf Avery is preggers, which causes her to have huge mood swings. She’s upset about Jack’s relationship with Liz. Things come to a head when her hormones cause her to yell, “Crazy mood swing – why does everything smell like onions?!” then chuck what looks to be like whip cream on Jack’s face. Jack agrees to search for a new mentee with the motto “Ambition is the ability to kill things and eat them in order to stay alive.” This new mentee must have Drive. Intelligence. Humility. Chaos. (pronounced “dick”). Jack’s looking for DIHC, and he’ll take it wherever he can find it.
Liz’s father arrives at her apartment, decked out in Ed Hardy and ready for some singles action after 45 years of marriage to Liz’s mom. Liz vehemently disapproves of her dad’s “gentleman’s intermission.”
Tracy, meanwhile, sees his pre-recorded obituary from NBC and realizes his legacy is being a rich fool. Jenna also goes to find her own obit – and finds that NBC doesn’t consider her important enough.
All of this, of course, resolves. As for Liz, declaring in a deadpan voice “I’m wearing a Duane Reade bag for underwear today” is enough to show that, yes, she still needs a mentor.
Not the strongest episode of the season, “Gentlemen’s Intermission” keeps Jenna’s and Tracy’s antics low-key, while Liz, in an awkward move, hits on her father at a singles bar. Although this almost crosses the line of being too creepy, it matches the absurdity of an 80-year-old man wearing a t-shirt with tattoo graphics and rhinestones.

The League: The Tie

Last night’s episode of The League showed these ‘friends’ at their best being their worst. Ruxin claims his butthole could do a better job as commissioner than Kevin.
The song ‘Pete’s Little Tiny Erect *ick,’ Taco discovering modern medicine, the tie-breaker, the new team names, all the homo-phobic references, but there was one part that really stood out to me … the Fear Boner.
Any guy that has not gotten a NARB (no apparent reason boner) is lying. We’ve all gotten an anticapa-rection, but apparently these guys when they get scared out of their minds they get an erection; hence, the Fear Boner.
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