Halloween On Spooner Street And Blood, Guts & Guns

As the first Halloween Family Guy episode, “Halloween on Spooner Street” is straightforward and stays safer than it should. While Stewie goes trick-or-treating with Brian – and gets his candy stolen – is predictable and almost too innocent for the show, the subplots, including Peter and Joe’s prank on Quagmire and Meg’s first Halloween party, throw a few unexpected and mildly offensive curves.
Stewie, perhaps, has the best costume for any child. An ordinary yellow duck with a neck bite, Stewie claims, “I’m a modern duck who hangs around with Anna Paquin and drives a Mercedes,” referencing True Blood. Meanwhile, Brian gets spray-painted pink by the same group of bullies. They try to get the candy back for most of the episode, and only Lois can get it – and a bit more through extortion – back.
Peter and Joe, meanwhile, play a few pranks on Quagmire. After Joe sleeps with Quagmire (the most sexually unaware character on television?), Quagmire concocts his own plan involving a Japanese relative and fighter planes. Family Guy’s resident horn dog gets back at his friends, and the writers throw in a few borderline offense Japanese and midget-domestic-violence-as-puppet-show jokes in the process. Most notably are:
Quagmire: “I do five hours of math homework each night, even though I’m not in school.”
Peter, in reference to Japanese fighter planes: “Wow, I always thought the Japanese flew flying saucers.”
On top of this, Meg and Chris go to a party, both in disguise, with the intent to hook up. And they, not entirely predictably, make out with each other.
Family Guy faces several decades of competition from The Simpsons and South Park for Halloween episodes. Although “Halloween on Spooner Street” pales next to any “Tree House of Horror” episode, it’s not as bad as Stewie’s assessment: “So far, Halloween is a bigger letdown than being a Mets fan.”

Recap by Irene Test

How would you feel if you just woke up to a zombie apocalypse? Pretty bad I would imagine. Would it get any better if you escaped for a little bit, but then got trapped in a tank? Not really.
What makes Rick Grimes’ life a whole lot better right now however, is the fact that someone is trying to save his ass. Via CV Radio communication, Rick is saved by a 20 something with some balls. After being introduced to, harshly welcomed by a group of survivors, having a gun thrust in his face, and getting knocked out by the group’s local racist and coke head, I would say he is off to a good start.
After some slow dialogue, the group devises a plan to escape. With Rick and the 20 something as the guinea pigs, the plan goes surprisingly well. Until it starts to rain… Coincidentally, the second they find a moving truck, the rain stops. I’m not going to spoil the ending, or any more of the episode, but it was awesome.
I love when zombie entertainment is super brutal and gory, and The Walking Dead provided this for me in episode 2. There was more blood, more guts, and more guns. Everything Zombie Entertainment should have. With a great ending, and an excellent teaser to episode 3, this series is starting to shape up. Props AMC. Props.

Recap by Adam Brezak

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