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It’s Always Sunny: Charlie King of the Rats

What happens when someone gets to their wits end in Charlie work and your friends don’t know what to do? Well that just so happens to be the plot of this week’s episode of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” titled Charlie Kelly: King of the Rats.
Charlie lives a stressful life. He cleans toilets, he pines for the Waitress without any sign that she feels the same way and he can’t read. Well Charlie’s stress is starting to wear on his friends. Frank reminds the gang that it is, in fact, Charlie’s birthday.
How did that slip their mind? Because they’re bad friends and even worse human beings is how. Anyway, Frank suggests that they throw Charlie a surprise, to which they say no. Frank calls them cynics, causing Mac, Dennis and Dee to look inward and realize that this all comes down to how they view themselves and what kind of people THEY are and not how Charlie is feeling. Charlie feeling good can make them feel better about themselves.
Have I mentioned how self-centered the Paddy Pub Crew is? Well they are. Charlie and Dee spend a spa day together (Charlie: What is this spa? I feel like you’re trying to say a word and you can’t finish it) and end up going to see a movie because old Chuck can’t fathom the idea of it. They go see a 3-D flick and Charlie annoys Dee with his questions.
Oh and Charlie has a dream book. I’ll let that sink in because I could do an entire post on how ridiculous it is (think a whole chicken in denim jeans) Mac and Dennis try and throw Charlie a surprise luau (“Can he even say luau?”) and in the end it turns out that it is actually Frank’s birthday. People helping people. The whole sentiment gives me a nausea usually reserved for a post-Cuervo bender kind of hangover.

Watch “The Gang Buys A Boat” Here.

Recap by Josh Mosley

30 Rock: College

After you graduate college, do you still long for ramen noodles, drunken dorm parties, and that stoned out philosophy major playing guitar in the hallway? Liz and Jack, this week, are longing for better times or what never was in “College.” Liz, who had a two-week popularity stint at University of Maryland, wants to live through it again, while Jack wishes he had the traditional college experience, instead of starting work at 12.
Liz ends up buying drinks for the rest of the TGS staff – writers, actors, and lifters – and they start to think of her as the cool boss. Can she keep it up?
Jack, meanwhile, is living his last days as a GE exec, before a full transition to Kabletown. As his last hurrah – or so he thinks – the quarterly reports for the Microwave Division are higher than ever, but then Jack finds out that the “perfect microwave” was built without his oversight – and tries to find something wrong with it.
Part of Jack’s legacy of nearly four decades of employment was a voice recording he made while a student at Princeton. This voice recording shows up on an online pronunciation dictionary that’s eerily reminiscent of 1990s Macintosh program Simple Text, down to the flat, robotic voice. The writing staff – Frank, Toofer, and Lutz – are back to their pranks this week, and through the Alec Baldwin-sounding online dictionary, trick Pete into beat boxing and meeting with Jack.
While the episode had few one-liners, the online pronunciation dictionary in the writing staff’s prank gave the best of the evening: “I will make your dreams come true. Make sure you wear one of those Mexican ponchos.”
Although Napoleon Dynamite-esque, the line gets Pete, in unwitting drunk-student attire, playing guitar in Jack’s office over beers. Jack gets to live his college experience with Pete, and Liz realizes that popularity is still fleeting.

Watch the full episode here.

Recap by Irene Test

The Office: WUHPF.com

Last night’s office episode gave us some vintage material: Michael Scott’s continuous denial, Ryan Howard’s miserable attempt to captivate the masses, and Dwight Shrute’s money making ways at its finest.
Ryan’s social media plot “Wuhpf” has no substance to it, but he manages to get Andy, Pam, Darrell, and of course Michael to invest. Ryan has no idea what the hell he’s doing, but has Michael’s support since like the nerd in high school, Michael aspires for this fantasy bromance with Ryan.
Meanwhile Dwight’s entrepenuerial mind was at his finest as he imports hay into the Dunder Mifflin parking lot and makes a fortune off of innocent little children. Priceless.
Other amusing moments include watching Kevin get lost in a maze designed for children, never gets old watching that buffoon. Michael’s analogy comparing his office staff to a deck of cards was giggle worthy as Phyllis is the “old maid’ while Oscar is the “queen”.

Watch Ryan’s launch of the new Facebook here.

Recap by David London

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