7 Reasons to Watch Dexter

Showtime’s Dexter Morgan (originally Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter Morgan of the book series) is quite possible the greatest fictional character in today’s media.  If you’re into vigilante serial killers, anyway.  Blood spatter analyst for Miami Metro Homicide by day, practiced death dealer by night–you really don’t want to mess with this guy.  Need seven more reasons why you should be watching?
1.  Hilarious dialogue makes the typical cop talk easy to swallow.  Detective Deborah Morgan has been known to spout off certain gems such as “F*ck me in both ears,” when particularly surprised.
2.  Similarly, Dexter’s inner monologue is that of a comic book or radio show vigilante.  The style is refreshing compared to most of the crap on television today.  He’s a likable guy in a rough situation:  he can’t help killing people.  Surprisingly, it’s easy to empathize with his outlook.  Just don’t pull a Conley and take that empathy too far.
3.  Shyamalan’s twists have nothing on Dexter‘s plotline.  Just when you think he’s heading for the electric chair, something ridiculously feasible happens without being too overdramatic.  It’s hard to stop watching once you start, which makes catching up to the new episodes of season five like running out of cigarettes.
4.  Oh, did we mention he’s a serial killer?  And the best, at that.  Five seasons nearly undetected, the Dexter method is worth checking out.  Helps when you work as a blood spatter analyst, able to follow the path of a kill to the killer–you know how to cover your tracks and use your resources to your advantage.
5.  The sex scenes are not without their appeal; Showtime can’t have a series without a bit of flesh, and they don’t let up much in Dexter.  Hot chicks?  Of course, of course.
6.  How about the premise itself?  Dexter struggles with an addiction to killing people, but enacts it only on the deserving as they escape imprisonment due to legal snafus.  He tracks down the killer rapists who were searched without warrants and subsequently let go, and delivers his own brand of justice.  With an entire bureau of evidence and information at his disposal, you have to applaud his ingenuity.
7.  The show has won numerous awards and nominations, so if you don’t believe us, believe the public opinion:  Dexter kicks ass.  Sunday nights at 9 PM EST on Showtime.. or, whenever on the internet.  Either way.

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