10 Things You Should Know About Sex

Of course you think you know everything about sex.  You’re a liberated, intelligent  guy, right?  And you’ve done your research; you know what’s what.  Well, guess what?  There’s always room for a little extra know-how, and we’ve compiled the ultimate resource on everything you need to know about sex.  Take notes, you just might learn a new fact or two.
1. Not all men are created equal
Is there such a thing as too big?  Too small?  Maybe a little…stubby?  With this visual guide you can tell if your man’s more a shower or a grower…or maybe a “soda can”.
2. It should last how long?
Apparently wishing for a guy who can go all night long isn’t what we need.  15 minutes max is what the pros recommend, and in reality, most couples spend less than seven minutes on intercourse.

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