Denise Richards Bangs On BMS, Kingdom Comes On FNL (TV RECAPS)

Blue Mountain State: “Debra”

The Bro Code is a sacred thing. It is what makes boys men. It guides on the right path. It helps us figure out the answers to life’s many dilemmas, and sometimes puts us in one like it did on Blue Mountain State last night for Thad.
Everyone who has ever played on a football team knows a guy like Thad. In last night’s episode the coach referred to the guys as brothers and this knucklehead took it to heart and starts hugging everybody in his latent homosexual way and calling them ‘bro.’ Now suddenly everything is ‘bro’ this and ‘bro’ that. It became all about the ‘bros.’ That confuses poor Thad when he sees Alex kissing the dean’s wife the morning after another Goat House party. Oh yeah- she also happens to be the coach’s ex-wife.
Anyone familiar with the Bro Code knows that you don’t sleep with your bro’s girl, or his ex-girl. Then it’s also anti-bro code to rat on your bro as well. Alex is Thad’s bro; so is the coach. So what’s a bro to do when he knows one bro is breaking the bro code on another bro? Does it justify him breaking the bro code too?
Thad took Radon’s advice and stayed true to the bro that could do him the mist damage, the coach. As luck (more bad luck really) would have it the coach and his ex-wife we’re a little on the freaky side and still are. They jerk around with Alex (some he minded and some he did not), and in the end play a little touch football of their own.
NEXT WEEK’S EPISODE: Thad has a Vision Quest when conflicted over staying at BMS or entering the NFL Draft.

Watch last week’s full episode “Nerds” here.

Recap by Travis Pulver

Friday Night Lights: “Kingdom”

“Hey kingdom how about that second coming?”
Last night’s episode was all about the journey. For the East Dillon Lions it was going to Kingdom, Texas to face the Rangers, who they forfeited to last year. Even before they leave for the game Coach Taylor wants to downplay the revenge attitude many of the players are harboring.
Cut to right after half time break and after they had been suffering bad calls all night, Coach Taylor wants to give as bad as they have been getting. They come out on top by the end of the game, but it’s at the price of Coach Taylor’s conscience.
For Julie journey was coming to a point, finally, with her affair with Derrick the TA. Julie, taking some notes from her roommate in living life for yourself, had to pay the price when Derrick’s wife calls her out as a “slut” in a study room for sleeping with her husband. She wasn’t the first, she tells Julie and it just solidifies her worries, causing her to go back home to Dillon.
Although this episode was about taking a journey and the great (or bad) things that might happens there’s a little solace at the end that they’ll all be coming back to Dillon. Good ol’ Dillon where nothing bad happens here… Hastings, a veteran of moving around, throws away the number of a girl from Kingdom, because what happened there, happened there. But whether it’s getting branded, sleeping with a TA, or playing a dirty game, there are consequences that will follow them back, whether they realize it or not.
NEXT EPISODE: A popular magazine hails Coach as the “Kingmaker.” Vince’s past catches up to him. Luke reacts to the truth. A suspicious accident delays Julie’s return to college.

Recap by Meseret Haddis

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