Your Complete Guide to Beer Pong Domination [Infographic]

With the World Series of Beer Pong coming up in early January, our friends at Online Dating Blog created an infographic that teaches you how to dominate the game. Why should you care? Because when all else fails, beer pong is a great way to prove your worth to women. Chicks love jocks. That’s why COEDitors play. So, pick up a bad ass beer pong table,¬†practice with Granny and soon enough you’ll be getting more ass than this guy or one of the best beer pong players in the country.

<a href=”” _mce_href=””><img src=”” _mce_src=”” alt=”Beer Pong” border=”0″ /></a><br />Via: <a href=”” _mce_href=””>Online Dating Blog</a>

4 thoughts on “Your Complete Guide to Beer Pong Domination [Infographic]”

  1. Awesome info graphic! PongDeck is looking forward to attending and having a booth at the WSOBP this year! if your going to the event come by and say hey!

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