Redman’s Top 10 Lyrics (WITH VIDEO AND POLL)

New Jersey’s really gotten a bad rap lately thanks to “real” housewives, the Shore and all things Guido. People tend to forget the lovable, wild and weed inspired GOOD rap from the Garden State’s Greatest, Redman. His first name might be “He Ain’t Sh*t” but we think he’s the exact opposite. To celebrate the release of his new album, Redman Presents… Reggie (OUT TODAY) we’ve assembled his ten best lyrics. WARNING: Videos and lyrics are obviously too cool for you aka NSFW. Don’t contribute to the unemployment rate.

“Blow Ya Mind”

It’s the Funkadelic Redman and I hit ya with the
Funkadelic level, the P-Funk, the devil
The spectular, Blackula, bust holes like Dracula
Loaded of course, more Legend than Acura
I’m swift, I like big spliffs so I tisk tisk a tasket

“The Saga Continues”

I don’t need to pick up tracks
I choose to do it
I’m fluent, I crack it to the rooster roostin’
This for carjackers, and boosters boostin’

“Do What Ya Feel”

Even a crowd to get you souped up, you’re still wack
I peel caps, on the regular
Destroy MC’s et cetera, creep like The Predator
F*ck you, your label moms and your editor

“Tonight’s The Night”

You wanna see me get cool, please, save it for the breeze
cause the lyrics and tracks, make me funky like cottage cheese
F*ck the smoov shit, I get down wit the boom bip
like Q-Tip, I kick more styles than Bruce shoe’s kick

“Green Island”

Now Jersey’s on max so pass the dutchie on the lefthand side
Hide the hidash, in case we cridash, in my ride
So, sliiiide, before I call the medics
You can bet bitch you couldn’t get fly if you were FedEx

“Smash Sumthin'”

Yo, watch me leap through trees
Attackin sharks in the Deep Blue Sea
Aim lock on, Goldeneye
War in the snow storm, with double-oh on

“Pick It Up”

I don’t tote guns I tote funds
While you still puzzled how my antidote runs
Your whole vocabulary’s played out, admit it
Still wack if it came out my mouth and I spit it

“I’ll Bee Dat”

(Why you actin like dat?) The weed made me do it
Devil’s Advocate hot, can take days to do it
My crew do drugs that Wayne Reed couldn’t breathe
Dry me in the sun I’ll amount to ten keys
Redboned I’m bonin’, MC’s be clonin’
That’s before Doc stretch and mornin’ yawnin’!

“Da Journee”

My lyrical format sounds off like gun claps
Underground, where you need flashlights and hard hats
My mind is ten levels deeper than Jacob’s Ladder

“Can’t Wait”

The funkadelic, been rockin’ mics since the fourth grade
I Terminate like X and I Terminate like Schwarzenegg’
(Dum-ti-dum) Rock like Buju Banton

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