WTF Is Up With Brett Favre's Disgusting Purple Right Hand [PICS]

As my friend @KDL2312 said last night , “As a Bears fan I have nothing but respect for Favre. I won’t let the past few years define him. He’s as tough as they come and pretty good too.” Favre is a badass and if he retired after last season him legacy might not be in shambles right now. Last night’s Giant vs Vikings game was a 3-hour Brett Favre blow jay session by the announcers but take a look at his gruesome purple hand! SBnation had a good quote,

I am not a doctor, but it appears Brett Favre’s arm has died. Fox’s Pam Oliver is wise to keep her distance. Insert any “one-armed, flyin’ purple-handed” or whatever joke you’ve got, because humor may be the only way we’ll pull through this. If his hand looks that bad, just be glad he’s wearing long sleeves, because the rest of his arm has got to look even worse. Keep in mind it’s a shoulder injury, too. Is Favre entirely purple under all those layers? Like in Avatar?

Reminds me of his haggard ankle and leg from last year.

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