If The NFL Season Ended Today Who Would Be MVP?

We asked our Facebook following, “If the NFL season ended today who would be MVP?” Here are the results, some favorite quotes and a poll so we can get a more accurate count.
1.4% of people said Darren McFadden, Matt Cassel, Sam Bradford, Marion Barber, Danny Woodhead, Jon Kitna, Rashard Mendenhall, Troy Polamalu, DeShaun Foster, Johnny Knox
2.9% of people said Matt Ryan, Peyton Manning, Phillip Rivers, Big Ben, Maurice Jones-Drew, Jay Cutler
4.4% of people said Drew Brees
5.9% of people said DeSean Jackson
23.8% of people said Tom Brady
35.8% of people Michael Vick
So if the season ended today the majority of our Facebook following says Michael Vick would be crowned the MVP capping one of the most miraculous come back stories in sports history. The next closest on the poll was Tom Brady so let’s narrow this down…
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Our favorite comments from the poll..

David JulianCasablancas Moon” “brady, vick is by far the most overrated QB out there” and “MY BALLSACK CAN PLAY FOOTBALL BETTER THAN VICK”
Mathew Bubblez Davies: “deshaun jackson just for that run”
Arnold L. Flowers III: “Head says brady, heart says vick”
Dusty Bays: “Mike VICK… f–k all u haters”
Anthony Wilson Santiago: “tom brady is overrated. if went to another team, he’d be screwed.”
Hayk Kayy: “brees is better than vick and p.manning put together.”
Nicolas McCarty: “All u can stfu, cuz all of those guys are over rated. Brees is just lucky, Vick shouldn’t be playin and just runs like a coward, Farve is old crap and sucks, both Mannings are just really annoying and leave it to the other players on their team, Brady is over rated as hell, and Roethlesberger is a piece of crap and deserved to get jacked in the face. If anyone should be MVP, its Jay Cutler.”
David JulianCasablancas Moon: “@Nicolas AHAHAHAHAHAHa r u kidding me? Cutler? He can’t pass for shit. He is incredibly inaccurate. Altho I’m a colts fan, I think Tom Brady should be MVP, I mean, they have the best record in the AFC even after getting rid of moss and ha…ving a crap defense supporting him. He’s been the most consistent, and he’s actually played all their games unlike Vick, drew brees showed how vulnerable he is when he practically handed out interceptions to the browns, kitna can’t throw deep passes, Eli made a tone of mistakes, and Peyton was hit hard with key injuries. Roethlisberger hasn’t been able to perform either, if u ask me, it’s either Ryan, cassle or brady”

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