The Funniest, Most Embarrassing Medical Questions On The Internet

The internet has literally brought the world together in a way that has revolutionized how we live today. The anonymity the internet provides removes all shame from people asking their darkest questions in a public forum. This terrifying glimpse into the psyche of the masses shows there are a significant amount of folks who believe in the average internet-goer more than the family doctor. We present you with the most embarrassing medical questions asked on public forums.

NOTE: These questions are unedited to highlight just how dumb our society is.

Itchy Vaginas Can Be Worrisome

“I’m a female and i have only been sexually active with two males. One was a long time (4 years) ago and the other is currently going on. 2 weeks ago he performed oral sex on me and found out a few days later that he had tonsillitis. He said that his doctor mentioned its a viral disease and can be transmitted to genitals.

I’m a little bit worried because for the past day or so my vagina has been itching. There’s no burning and no other symptoms i can notice except the itching and occasionally it will be a little senstive. Does it sound like i have tonsillitis on my vagina? Is that even possible? Could it maybe be just a mild yeast infection? Please help. thanks.”


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What we can learn: Other diseases your genitals can’t exclusively contract are the common cold, rickets, and polio…also whooping cough.

Uncertainty Regarding Chiggers

“I think I got chiggers!…I have never had them before…I actually was jogging Thursday..and got into some weeds and after then…I started itching TO DEATH!! What do I do?!


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What we can learn: Avoid running and “getting” into weeds.

What What’s On My Butt?

“I am completely puzzled about a sore that has appeared on my left butt.

It is red and tender to the touch, and radiates from a hard raised sore – like having a small bump or hill that is round and about the size of a quarter. At the center of the quarter is something odd – like as if I have been bitten but I really don’t recall a bite. It feels, swollen, and warm, but it does not bleed (but surely if I scratched it enough i could make it bleed, but I think that’s true anywhere on the skin – you could scratch until it bleeds.

The radius of the sore, red area is about two inches. I have no other rashes, bumps, of any kind on my body.

I am 36 and have no health problems. I am at MOST 15 pounds overweight. I have never had a weight problem. I am 5’8″, 155, and medium build, female. I am not sexually active because I am temporarily geographically separated from my boyfriend (not emotionally apart from him!).

I am sure that it could not be an STD.

The sore is towards the top half of my buttock. It does not hurt to go to the bathroom in anyway, and I recall having a little diarrhea about a week before the problem arose, but it was nothing excessive, and I associated it with eating WAY too many onions on a pizza! 🙂

I hope this is enough information. I at a loss at what else to write that might be helpful.

Thank you!”


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What we can learn: This person is one of the only known humans to have a left butt. Most of us have just a single butt with two separate cheeks.

Excruciatingly Painful and Incomplete Bowel Movements

“I have a very embarrasing problem. I am really way too young to be having this problem. I’m 23 and i am experiencing ALOT of pain when I go to the bathroom. I have had constipation problems for several months now and i kind of just ignored it and now it has gone to a much worse level. When I go to the bathroom, it REALLY REALLY hurts (feels like I have needles poking me and trying to come out) and my BM movements feel incomplete if you know what I mean (TMI sorry)…”

[NOTE: It goes on…and gets worse!]

“Anyways this has been going on for three weeks (the pain) and recently I have seen blood on the toilet paper and in the toilet. I’m trying to change my diet but its so hard. I have started eating steamed vegetables and drinking a lot of water during the day. I think this may be hemmorhoids but I am really afraid because I have heard that treatment for hemorrhoids can be surgery sometimes and that can lead to some potentially embarassing situations.”


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What we can learn: Some people have serious ass problems.

Beyond Nasty

“Hello. I have a few what look like black head on the shaft of my penis. They don’t hurt, and I have tried to mash them, but nothing came out. I have had sexual intercorse with my girlfriend, and she was a virgin just like I was. I hope this is a std because I don’t have the money needed to pay for a test.”


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What we can learn: Saber brings up really imperative information for all males…that being the importance of seeking real advice from an actual physician before “mashing” anything on your penis.

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