How To Hook Up With Multiple Women In One Night

You want to hook up with more than one girl at your party? It’s not an impossible task. Trust me, I’m a girl. I know how this works. Even if they’re best friends, you can have them both. All it takes is a little alcohol, a sense of humor, an ego that’s larger than life and a wingman. If the guys on Jersey Shore can do it, so can you.

1.) Have Confidence (Hear that broken record yet?)

If you don’t believe that you’re the funniest, coolest and best looking guy in the room, you’re going to have a hard time convincing her that she should hook up with you. So as corny as it sounds, love yourself a lot. A confident average looking guy is much more appealing than a great looking insecure guy. Don’t be afraid to approach the girls–you’re a man, grow a pair and go talk to them.

2.) K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

Don’t worry about using a stupid pickup line, something simple does the trick. Especially at a party where everyone’s there to have a good time. Approach a girl and compliment something she’s wearing (even if you don’t like it). If this is your first time talking to her, it’s safer to compliment her clothes or shoes rather than her smile. Complimenting her physical features makes you seem like a creep or the kind of guy that’s only interested in getting her naked. Even if that is your intention, you can’t let her know it. Have a conversation with this girl and be engaging and charming, but don’t chat for too long. Leave her wanting more from you.

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3.) Acquire Target #2

After meeting your first prospect and chatting for a bit, leave the room to scope out the rest of the crowd. Pick your target and repeat step #2 until you find your other hookup for the night. Let’s call her Girl #2.

4.) Let the (drinking) games begin!

Go back to Girl #1 and ask her to be your partner in whatever drinking game is going on. Get her on your team and start playing those drinking games. Inevitably, Girl #2 will come looking for you and see you having fun with another girl. It won’t make her jealous but it will definitely bring out her competitive edge. Everybody loves a good challenge.

5.) Take in some foxy boxing.

Watch the girls fight for your attention, but excuse yourself to go the bathroom after a few minutes. You don’t want to be stuck in too awkward of a position. When you return, you will see one of two things: either the girls will be in different places, talking with their friends they came to the party with, or they’ll be sitting in exactly the same place you left them, laughing and bonding over their mini crushes on you. If they became drunk best friends, just turn on your charm and casually propose a threesome after a couple more drinks and you’re good to go. But if they’re keeping their distance from each other, it’s a little bit trickier.

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6.) Decisions, decisions.

Decide which one you want to hook up with first, let’s say that’s Girl #2, and then go tell Girl #1 that she has to meet your friend and be his/her beer pong partner. Make sure to pair her up with a good wingman, a female friend of yours, or a guy that already has a girlfriend. Beer pong is a good distraction and she won’t even notice you’re not at the party anymore. Plus, your wingman/friend/buddy should be able to talk to her enough to keep her interested in you until you resurface.

7.) Wanna do a shot?

Go find Girl #2 and ask if she wants to take a shot with you and lead her to your bedroom. Even if you don’t have any alcohol in there and she notices before you have a chance to make a move on her, just say you lied because you needed an excuse to get her alone. Then make your move.

8.) Be a gracious host

Afterwards, tell Girl #2 that you need to go back to the party because you don’t want to be a bad host and ask for her number so she doesn’t feel offended or used. While programming her number into your phone, don’t ask for her name if you forgot it already. Be nice to her and make sure she leaves your room before you head back to the party.

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9.) Play it cool.

Act like you never even left it. Pretend like you’ve been watching your other girl play beer pong for the past hour and as soon as she’s done with the game, repeat steps #7 and #8 and repeat as needed.

10.) Keep It On The DL

I know it’s tempting, but don’t brag about your conquests immediately. But if you must, keep it secret from your female friends because we love to gossip about stuff like that and if your reputation gets shot, you won’t be able to pull it off again.

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  5. Getting laid is a hard thing if you don't know how to do it and if the girl doesn't want what you're thinking. You gotta make sure she wants to do it! Useful article by the way :p

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