American Idol’s Stormi Henley Facebook Photos [174 PICS]

If you caught American Idol last night, you probably saw Stormi Henley, a 21 year old former Miss Teen USA 2009, advance to the next round no thanks to JeaLOusy. This isn’t the first time we’ve featured Stormi, you might remember her from a post we did one year and a day ago when she hung out with Miss USA and Miss Universe. During her reign, Henley recorded her song, “Here Comes the Rain” and performed her first single “Quite Like Me” during this year’s pageant. As far as I know, she has no relation to Eagles frontman, Don Henley, though One Of These Nights I’d gladly take her for The Long Run to live Life In The Fast Lane and give her the Best Of My Love at Hotel California.


Mini Anden Photo Gallery
Mini Anden Photo Gallery
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