The Fratossary AKA The Fraternity Glossary [FRAT SLANG]

Frat life can be a hard life if you’re not familiar with its terminology. Like any other organization, if you can’t speak the language (“talk the talk”), you can’t walk the walk. So, to excel in your fratty endeavors, we decided to drop some bro-knowledge aka brah-ledge on your faces with this extremely useful and up-to-date glossary of fraternity terms. Some are well known, formal, and recognized by school boards everywhere while others have been cooked up in the moldy Gatorade bucket of the foul-smelling back room located in a dirty, beer-covered basement. Even if you’re aren’t in a frat, but embrace your fratty side, feel free to throw these terms around. Just be prepared to be confronted with inquiries about the secret handshake and multiple other code questions.

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Active (n): A member of the Fraternity that is enrolled in undergraduate classes and has paid all his dues.

“The front door is to be used for Active members and guests only.”

Bid (n): An invitation to join a fraternity

“I say we offer the fat bearded foreign kid a bid. He’s got a drug hook up and knows a lot of models. Solid dude.”

Bro (n): Any member of a fraternity.

“This Thursday, we’re gonna bro out with our toes out. You in, bro?”

Bro Beer (n): Beer designated for consumption by only active members of the Fraternity.

“Inside the house there was around four cases of Bro Beer in the Kitchen.”

Bro Zone (n): A high level of brotherhood activity occurring in a given area.

“Whoa, Lindsay! You just entered the Bro Zone! You sure you’re ready for this?”

Bros Icing Bros (n): The preferred drinking game of most fratters.

Coat of Arms (n): A symbol unique to the Fraternity, found on the flag, on ties or blazers.

Composite (n): A framed picture displaying the current undergraduate students in the Fraternity/Sorority for a particular academic year. Usually brothers wear suit and tie attire but funnier frats clown it up for the camera (see above).

“Last night, we stole SigEp’s composite.”

Croakies (n): A band attached to sunglasses that allows a bro to hang his glasses around his neck.

“Colin looked especially Frat with his Croakies.”

C*nt Punt (n): The act of asking a female party guest to leave the party.

“Great, Veronica’s here. Someone tell Matt to c*nt punt before she starts any more drama.”

Date Dash (n): A type of Frat social function in which the members of the Frat are given minimal prior notice and are expected to find a female date.

“We were expecting a meeting about the fire inspection but then our president told us we were having a date dash.”

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Formal (n): An annual party held off campus by a Fraternity or Sorority

“Grant is taking Chelsea to Formal then hopefully to Pound Town.”

Frapparel (n): Fraternity apparel – hoodies, hats, mesh shorts, t-shirts, boxers, etc. that display Greek letters. See “Frattire” but not “Fratire”.

Frat Hat (n): A crucial element to any bro’s frapparel or frattire. Some opt for the Frat Visor.

Frat Lap (n): The act of cruising around campus in a vehicle in order to promote Frat Status.

“We do Frat laps around the quad to scope out talent for the party.”

Frat Rat (n): Similar to the sorostitute but was either kicked out of a sorority or is so much of a whore no sorority wants her.

“Tiffany f*cked Pete, Benny, and J-bone in one night to successfully attain Frat Rat status.”

Frat Star (n): A Bro that excels at Fratting.

“Kyle saved us in the keg race, he is such a Frat Star”

Frat Swoop (n): A very Justin Bieber-esque or Zac Efron-ish hair style. Also known as the Frat Swoop, Southern Swoop, or FratShag.

Fratastic (adj): Frat + Fantastic

Fraternity Sweetheart (n): Similar to a “House Mom” (below), but is an enrolled undergrad, usually a sorority sister and/or one of the frat’s officer’s girlfriends. Brothers have utmost respect for her. She’s included on the fraternity’s composite. Complete opposite of Frat Rat or Sorostitute (though some may argue they’re sweethearts in training).

Fraterrific (adj.): Frat + Terrific

“Just the sight of Bros hanging out puts Wes in a Fratterific mood.”

Fratio (n): A Fratty Patio

“Yeah, Scooter was using our room and there was a line to the bathroom, so I banged her on the Fratio. It was quite the show.”

*Fratire (n): Frat + satire. A genre of literature directed towards Frats.

“Tucker Max started the genre of Fratire.”

Fratmosphere (n): An area that emphasizes Frat

“There are high levels of Bro-Zone in this Fratmosphere. (n): A website providing music most commonly listened to at Fraternity parties

“That playlist from is awesome”

*Fratology (n): The study of Frat

“Wes acquired a double major in Marketing and Fratology”

Fratter (n): Slang term for a Fraternity member.

“Colin and his fellow Fratters decided to go to the lake this weekend.

Frattire (n): Not to be confused with Fratire (see above). This is the standard clothing, apparel, and accessories worn by a bro (i.e. Croakies, popped collar, khakis, anything with Greek letters, etc.)

Fratty Light (n): Slang for the the specific brand of beer also known as Natural Light

“Before the party we went to the liquor store and picked up some Fratwater.”

Fraturday (n): A Saturday completely dedicated Fratting hard.

“We got a cooler, keg, bottles, burgers, buns, girls, dogs, keg, frisbee, horseshoes, and a football – it’s gonna be nice lil Fraturday.”

Fumble Roosky (n): The act of a group of Bros throwing a football into the sleeping asylum of a fellow Bro for the sole purpose of disturbing the slumbering Bro.

“It’s 3pm and Spanky’s still in bed with his girlfriend, round up the Bros, it’s time for a Fumble Roosky.”

GDI (n) An acronym for God Damn Independent, a term referring to individuals who loathe the Greeks.

“I chose to Frat today instead of participating in some lame GDI Halo party”

Hazing (v): Acts that motivate and educate pledges about the Fraternity’s history.

“JD takes hazing to an entirely new level – he makes grown men cry.”

Hazement (n): A room, typically the basement of the frat house, that is used for hazing.

“The first night in the hazement was rough for the pledges.”

Hell Week (n): Also referred to as I-Week, period of intense Fraternal instruction before initiation

“Hell Week is going to be the week after Spring Break”

House Mom (n): Typically found to be a widow, this is a women who lives in the fraternity, is responsible for handling the cooking and the alumni, and is treated like a goddess by all the members of the Fraternity

“Someone get the pledges to escort Mom to the Intramural game.”

I-Week (n): See ‘Hell Week’

Initiation (n): The process of legitimizing a new member’s membership in a Fraternal organization.

“We need to pick up twenty bottles of Andre’ champagne for the initiation.”

Lavalier (n): Pin given by a brother to a long-time girlfriend. Usually the next step is either promise ring or engagement ring.

Letters (n): As in the greek alphabet. You learn them under duress during pledging. You wear them as a brother.

N.I.B. (n): Acronym for Newly Initiated Brother. Though, they’re part of the fraternal order, they still are the lowest on the totem pole.

“Tell the NIBs to make some more Jungle Juice. We’re all out.”

Old Balls (n): A term referring to the senior members of the Fraternity

“Man it feels like I was just a pledge and now I’m Old Balls.”

Paddle (n): A flat wooden panel attached to a handle, most often used to intimidate disobedient pledges and handed down from brother to brother.

Parent’s Weekend (n): A weekend designated for Fratter/Father bonding.

“I thought I was going to out drink my father this dad’s weekend, I was sorely mistaken.”

Pledge (n): A new member in training to become a full member of the Fraternity.

“That pledge was being very disrespectful, some immediate hazing is in order”

Pledge Pyramid (n): A common cheer formation enacted by pledges during halftime of their fraternities intramural game to show support for their team. The higher the pyramid the larger the margin of victory is likely to be.

“It’s halftime, time for the pledge pyramid.”

PTV (n): An acronym for Pound That Vag, meaning encouragement of Female/Male sexual relations.

“When Kyle walked out of his room it was clear from his facial expression that he got to PTV.”

Pin (n): A means of referring to the order in which a member is intiated in a Fraternity.

“His Pin is 1865”

Pulling Pin (n): An obnoxious act of implying superiority.

“Dicky tried to pull pin on Weasel to sit shotgun.”

Rush (n): The designated recruitment period for Fraternities and Sororities

“Make sure Teddy gets two strippers for the Rush event tonight.”

Rushee (n): An individual recruited by a Fraternity or Sorority.

“Last night some rushee puked on my Futon.”

Seal (n): See also “Coat of Arms”

Serenading (v): The act of pledges showing adoration towards the sorority that has gained their Fraternity’s favor

“The pledges serenaded the Tri-Delts with the song Build Me Up Buttercup by The Foundations. ”

Sorostitute (n): A sorority sister who’s a whore, usually only mating with frat brothers.

“A group of sorostitutes dropped off some flyers and asked for Deez Nuts at the House.”

Sneak (n): An annual trip organized by the pledges without the knowledge of the active members of the Fraternity.

“The pledges went on their sneak this weekend and before they left they took the internet router.”

Test Files (n): A Fraternity’s collection of old tests.

“Peter received an 90% on his test. The rest of Peter’s class got a 60% on the test. Peter is thanking the Frat Gods for his Fraternity’s test files”

TFM (n): An acronym for Total Frat Move, an act deemed fratty, fratastic, or fraterrific in nature

“Tom spent hours reviewing TFMs on”

Toga (n): A costume worn by Fratters and Sorostitutes at a Greek-themed party

“There’s only one thing to do when placed on double secret probation… TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!”

Wall Burrito (n): The act of awakening a bro by lifting his mattress holding it against the wall.

“Last night the actives wall burritoed Jake.”

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