[28 PHOTOS] Melissa Molinaro: Old Navy’s Super Cute Jennie

On Thursday night I saw an Old Navy commercial during the “Threat Level Midnight” episode of The Office. Usually their spots feature the “supermodelquins” – expressionless, inanimate, “hot” mannequins with overly excited voice-overs. But this time the ad showcased an extremely cute girl who looks like a hotter, skinnier version of Kim Kardashian meets Nicole Scherzinger. Don’t get me wrong, the commercial is still annoying as hell, but not when you mute it. Naturally, I Google the sh*t out of her to no avail, so I decided to crowdsource it on our Facebook to see if any of our followers had a lead. Sure enough, within 1 minute Tony Micer from Pearl, Mississippi had the answer: Melissa Molinaro.

She’s a Canadian-born pop singer, actor, choreographer and model who’s best known for her appearances on Making The Band 3 and Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search For the Next Doll.

At the age of 18, she became lead singer for the girl pop group, “Goddess”. Since then she’s appeared in many commercials and done promotional modeling for Microsoft, Xbox, Skechers, Nivea and Dickies.

Her film credits include a lead role in an action movie starring and directed by Dolph Lundgren called Command Performance, the lead role in Honey 2, and a role in the comedy film Balls to the Wall.

Her debut album is expected to release in mid-2011.

For more of Melissa, check her out on Facebook | Twitter | MySpace.

Old Navy Commercial Featuring Melissa


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  7. I hate you guys' gallery format now.

    You should change it back to how it used to be

    aint rotating all that shit.

  8. ewww hell no, she does not look better than Kim, Where the hell are her curves? She looks like another typical white girl with a toned body. She'll be a great stripper though, but that's about it. Kim has a classic beauty -this girl on the other hand can't even come close.

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