8 Daniel Tosh Celebrity Doppelgangers [PHOTOS]

If you’re familiar with Facebook’s Doppelganger Week, you know where we’re going with this post. If you don’t, it’s where users change their profile picture to that of celebrities they look like. One celebrity who happens to share a look with a handful of other famous peeps is Comedy Central‘s internet wizard Daniel Tosh. Surprising, right? He has such a distinct look yet, much like the internet, his likeness can be found in a scary number of other places and faces. Tosh’s fans have compiled a pretty vast database of doppelgangers, but here are our 8 favorite.

Pro Snowboarder – Chas Guldemond

Comedian / Yo-Yo Master – Tom Smothers

Bill Nye – The Science Guy

USC Football Coach – Lane Kiffin

President – Abraham Lincoln

Actor – Dwayne Hickman – AKA Dobie Gillis

Actor – Tom Villard – AKA “Stork” from One Crazy Summer

Reality Star / Realtor Jeff Lewis

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