SPOILER ALERT! Nicky Whelan Strips In “Hall Pass”

Nicky Whelan is relatively unknown in America but not to avid COED readers. Nicky was our Miss COED in July 2008, and has been a superstar model Down Under since 2001. Since then we ranked her #46 on our list of 52 Best Breasts of All-Time and most recently named her one of the 27 Sexiest Australian Women. She’s also in the upcoming Farrelly Brothers comedy “Hall Pass” starring Jason Sudeikis and Owen Wilson. I got the chance to see an advance screening last night and I gotta say she looks ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE in every scene, but her best effort comes when she strips for Wilson’s character. The movie was laugh your face off funny and Nicky’s strip scene alone makes it work checking out. For more of Nicky, check her out on Facebook | MySpace.

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