COED’s Bar & Party Tricks: The Ghost Toothpick [VIDEO]

The key to being the life of any party is to be entertaining. With the music blasting, it gets harder to entertain via conversation. With your drunk ass stumbling, it gets harder to entertain with your atrocious dance moves. Allow Dr. Otter (me) to show you some fool-proof tricks that are perfect for taking over a room while also doubling as the perfect ice breaker for any hottie that you have your eyes on. Pull off some of theseĀ party tricks I’ll be delivering to you and you’ll see phone numbers and free drinks appearing faster than you can say, “abracadabra, holmes”.

Rule 1: Practice your ass off before doing the tricks in public.

Rule 2: Never do a trick more than once for the same audience.

Rule 3: NEVER tell ANYONE how you did it. Let them Google it to find out for themselves. If they persist, it’s simple: “Magic”

My goal is to teach you some quick tips and tricks that you can pull off without much preparation. The key is using typical items found at a bar or party setting, which will make the trick seem more authentic and entertaining. If anybody’s being a hater, just bet him a round of drinks you’ll pull of the trick – after winning the bet, just remember to raise your glass to the @sshole.

There are tons of tricks out there, but once you perform one poorly – you’re audience will be bummed. So instead of just looking up every trick you can find, let us scour the web to find you the most fool-proof and legendary tricks.


This trick is very simple and seems idiotic once you learn the gimmick behind it. Still, I bet you 100 Jagerbombs that once you perform it on somebody, they’ll be freaking out at your wizardry.


  • One toothpick
  • 1/4 inch piece of scotch tape

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