Early this morning at around 1:20 am EST @TheBuriedLife tweeted a question to their followers: “Where do you go for the best cheesesteak in Philadelphia?” Seeing as “the best cheesesteak in Philadelphia” is a highly debated subject in Philly, suggestions poured in and the subject trended in the city that sucks of Brotherly Love. The guys finally decided on heading over to Pat’s where Dave got his cheesesteak, crossed #25 off his bucket list and at 3 am EST proclaimed that Pat’s served the #bestphilicheesesteak. Do you agree? Check out the video below then vote in our poll.


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3 thoughts on “Pat’s vs. Geno’s [PHILLY’S CHEESESTEAK WAR]”

  1. Pretty much anything else. Their steaks taste like dirthole. Only tourists and late0-night drunks need apply.

  2. As a former long-time resident of Philly, the answer is…. NEITHER!!! There are dozens and dozens of cheesesteak/pizza joints throughout the area that are MUCH, MUCH better. Geno's breaks the cardinal rule that the steak must be chopped. They, instead, give you an un-chopped slab that's like biting into a beef jerky sandwich. Pat's breaks the cardinal rule that you ONLY use provolone or mozzarella cheese. They, instead, use… god help them – Whiz, as in Cheese Whiz. BARF!!!

    Pat's & Geno's are for two groups of people only… (1) unwitting tourists, and (2) 3:00 AM drunken bar-hoppers… neither of whom know any better.

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