6 Things Technology Has Ruined

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Here’s something for you to think about right now: without the wonders of technology, you wouldn’t be on COED, let alone your computer. If anything, you’d most likely be outside throwing rocks at the sun in a vain attempt to pass the time. Thankfully, technology brings with it a plethora of convenience, fun and excitement that provides both entertainment and free time on an unimaginable scale… or so we think. For every action there’s a reaction, every gain a loss, every positive a negative. Here’s out list of things that have fallen by the wayside thanks to technology.

Going to the Movies

Believe it or not, early humans used to go this really big place to watch moving pictures accompanied with sound for entertainment purposes. What was it called again? Ah yes, a movie theater. Nowadays, people opt to watch movies on a multitude of digital formats other than the silver screen and typically on the go. What happened to the fun of going out with a group of good friends, the family or that special someone for a flick while taking in the ambient sights, sounds and smells of the theater? People are quick to say “Good riddance!”, but I always felt there is this certain charm to the movies that just can’t be replicated. Still, the kid kicking the back of your chair during a movie won’t be missed.

Books & Magazines & Newspapers

It’s scary to think that devices like the Kindle and the Nook have the potential to turn books into an archaic thing of the past. Soon all bookstores and libraries will be torn down and replaced with a kiosk in the middle of a gaping lot for downloading eBooks. God forbid you actually walk down the street holding a book in your hands or under your arm, you’ll end up looking like a wizard clutching his esoteric tomes on magical arts. Then again, that would actually be pretty cool…

As for magazines, Playboy Enterprises, Inc can tell you just how rough quarterly earnings reports have been since the dawn of the internet. Pay $6 for an issue on the newsstands or google “boobs” for free?

Following in the footsteps of the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times just announced it will start charging visitors for to access content on their site. Seems like a bad move. Subscriptions and readership of the print edition are down and most news outlets face competition from the internet, more specifically Twitter, which has become THE source for breaking news.

Going Outside

Many people who let technology dictate their very existence tend to think, “Why bother going outdoors when there are other people on the internet doing it for me?” It seems a little silly wanting to travel to other countries or go hiking when such things can be seen on the internet. Then again, so does having the desire to turn into pale, immobile slugs that develop an inexplicable fear of direct sunlight. Remember, it’s entirely your call.


Things certainly aren’t sacred anymore when it comes to blogging on the internet. Nowadays, it’s the norm to divulge every minute detail about one’s life to people that probably don’t care, or creepily do. While it’s completely fine to blog about personal interests or funny little anecdotes here and there, not everybody is yearning to know what you had for breakfast this morning or that strange lump that developed on your neck overnight which, by the way, you really should get checked out. Today, people find it odd for someone to not have a blog or a social network account and spill their guts for everyone to see. Guess nothing’s sacred.

Common Courtesy

There’s nothing more vexing than trying to get someone’s attention while their tapping away on the keyboard of their mobile device or someone rudely cutting off your conversation to take a phone call that, more or less, can wait. It really does give the impression that he or she doesn’t want to be there and has better things to do; like a bored child they need some form of mental stimulation as quickly as possible. Best thing to do in a situation like that is to leave that person high and dry. Oh, they’ll get the message.

Face-to-Face Interaction

Without a doubt, the worst thing that everyone seems to take for granted when it comes to technology is everyday face-to-face interaction among our peers or new people that we meet. Conversations have now become awkward and bumbling affairs thanks to some people becoming so accustomed to human interaction taking place on a social network; it’s as though they have a fear of doing so otherwise. Friendships made solely on a computer are, to say the least, superficial, and some people must work up the nerve to physically walk up to someone and say, “hello.”

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4 thoughts on “6 Things Technology Has Ruined”

  1. Seeing a movie on a big screen at a theater will always, always be better than squinting at a 3 inch screen, or streaming a sh*tty quality version. Reading a book on ink and paper will always be better than burning your eyes out reading a paragraph at a time on a tiny electronic page. The people who truly appreciate these things will keep books and theaters in existence.

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