Anya Monzikova Is DirecTV’s “I Am Epic Win” Girl [67 PHOTOS]

We’ve all seen DirecTV’s “I Am Epic Win” commercial, it’s the follow up to the “Opulence, I Has It” spot that first aired in late July 2010. While many viewers fell in love with the “petite lap giraffe“, we couldn’t help but notice the two smokeshows by Gregor’s side. Then another pair of pretty girls showed up in this workout promo. While the brunette receives most of the focus, our eyes wandered to the blonde who goes neck in neck with the petite lap giraffe on the treadmills. WHO IS THAT GIRL?! Find out below…
She’s 26 year old Russian model and actress Anya Monzikova. You might recognize her as one of the briefcase beauties on Deal or No Deal or from her Skin-it commercials. She’s the co-host of HDNet’s travel show “Get Out!” and was named one of People magazine’s 100 most beautiful people in 2006. Gamers might see some resemblance to Perfect Dark Zero’s “Joanna Dark” – that’s because Anya’s the character’s model. Film credits include parts in 2009’s Bruce Willis sci-fi action thriller “Surrogates” and “Iron Man 2”. You can see her in the upcoming Cinemax series, “Femme Fatales“. Check out her pics below!

For more of Anya, follow her on: Twitter | Facebook | MySpace
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