The 16 Hottest Girls Of “The Real World”

For nearly 20 years now, The Real World has entertained viewers worldwide with drunken screaming matches, hot tub orgies and other moments of complete and unbridled “realness.” This season in Las Vegas has really turned up the ante, providing conflict, drama, and plenty of eye candy. To celebrate the series that started this whole reality show craze, we take a look at the show’s hottest girls who range from crazy to quiet, virginal to “casual”, bitchy to bitchin’. Check’ em out below and vote for the chick you think is the hottest!

Tami Roman (Season 2, Los Angeles)

Tami has been a standout since the very beginning. An aspiring singer at the time, since the season wrapped Tami apparently dropped those aspirations and instead married NBA superstar Kenny Anderson.

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Ashley Lindley (Season 23, D.C.)

She’s certainly not camera-shy — just before being cast on The Real World, Ashley modeled in a private test shoot for Playboy. But she’s more than just a pretty face, this Texan is a voracious reader and one of the most politically aware castmates ever.

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Tonya Cooley (Season 11: Chicago)

This blonde babe from Walla Walla, Washington was originally the shy girl among the Season 11 crew, but Tonya left the house with bigger breasts than the ones she arrived with – and they’ve only gotten wilder since. So far, she was a Playboy Cyber Girl of the Week” and has appeared in the softcore Cinemax show The Erotic Traveler.

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McKenzie Coburn (Season 24, New Orleans)

This 21-year-old Florida sorority girl is both sugar and spice. Although a practicing Catholic, she’s just as likely to be found in a bar as in a church, partying it up in New Orleans with the best of ‘em.

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Trisha Cummings (Season 19, Sydney)

This self-described “hot preppy girl” is no push-over. She was booted out of the Australian house in season 19 after shoving a fellow castmate’s head into the floor.

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Jenn Grijalva (Season 18, Denver)

This popular California cheerleader was just getting started when she landed in the Mile High City. After season 18 wrapped, she appeared in six Challenges, which means she spent years doing basically nothing except competing in game shows.

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Keri Evans (Season 11, Chicago)

This New Orleans native lives by the motto, “Live for today so you have no regrets – never die wishing you didn’t have that last cheeseburger.”  She was in an on-again, off-again relationship with a castmate throughout most of her time in the Windy City. She can’t be found anywhere on the internet.

Arissa Hill (Season 12: Las Vegas)

Real World Las Vegas was one of the wildest seasons ever, and thankfully the girls weren’t shy about taking it all off. Arissa – a sexy chick with a quick temper – is another girl from this season to pose for Playboy’s “Girls of Reality TV.”

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Melinda Stolp (Season 16, Austin)

This Wisconsite showed up in Austin shy, but the girl who often said she will “try anything once” quickly came out of her shell, dumping her boyfriend back home for a roommate.

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Heather Marter (Season 25, Las Vegas)

This pint-size (5 foot 3) partier had a rough childhood, but she’s bringing lots of good times to this season of the show. Only a few episodes in, and she’s already dating one of the roommates. Plus, in a game of house truth-or-date, she made out with a second roomie. It can only get wilder from here!

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Ayiiia Elizarraras (Season 22, Cancun)

This sexy senorita landed in Cancun after winning the online poll at Even though she’s of Mexican descent, and speaks fluent Spanish, season 22 was her first trip to Mexico.

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Kellyanne Judd (Season 19, Sydney)

This self-described tease stripped down to her bra and panties for her audition tape, so its no mystery why she was chosen for the show. While she avoided most of the drama of season 19, she did end up dating a castmate, but only after weeks of flirting with another one first.

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Jacinda Barrett (Season 4: London)

Jacinda has achieved so much success in movies it’s easy to forget that she started out on Season 4’s The Real World: London. This sexy Australian went from Real Worlder to model to actress, appearing in over a dozen movies, including School for Scoundrels and Middle Men.

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Jamie Chung (Season 14: San Diego)

You’ll instantly recognize Jamie Chung from the film Sucker Punch, but it was Season 14 of The Real World where she got her start. Though she was the show’s mandatory quiet girl, Jamie’s  beauty didn’t require her to say much.  After The Real World, Jamie appeared in 10 episodes of Days of Our Lives before appearing in movies including I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.

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Mallory Snyder (Season 13: Paris)

Mallory showed up in Paris a virgin, but this is The Real World and stuff like that doesn’t even last an hour. Her beauty caught the eye of both the castmates and the world at large. After her season on The Real World ended she launched a lucrative modeling career: posing twice in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, as well as in ads for Abercombie & Fitch and J. Crew.

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Cameran Eubanks (Season 14, San Diego)

Not only is this South Carolina beauty pleasing to the eye, she’s pleasing to the bank account. Born and raised in an upper class family, Cameron is a fun girl who enjoys playing pranks on people. Although she had a boyfriend back home, she referred to him as a “trophy” and didn’t seem to take him all that seriously. Still, this is one girl we wouldn’t mind sitting on the shelf for.

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