The 5 Highest Blood Alcohol Levels Ever Recorded


“The liver is evil and we must punish it!” This is the motto these following people live(d) by. They drank their liver into oblivion. Punishing it like a red-headed step child. Blackout doesn’t even begin to describe the state of mind they were in. Alcohol-induced coma would be a better fit. To put things in perspective, 3 Four Lokos and 5 Beers put yours truly at .32%. So, WTF did these people drink? Find out below!

5) 0.914%

In Plovdiv, Bulgaria a man was admitted to the hospital after getting smashed by a car. The doctors smelled the massive amounts of alcohol on his breath and breathalyzed him on the spot. Of course, they thought their equipment was malfunctioning and proceeded to test him five more times all with the same result: WASTED!

4) 0.976%

In Bourg-en-Bresse, French police gave some dude a breath test after he lost control of his car. Turns out the guy was way way drunk. He ended up losing his license and paying a fine of € 150. Lose control of car, lose license, Frenchie.

3) 1.024%

A homeless Polish man was found sleeping and half naked on the streets in the dead of winter. Seriously, the temperature was -10°C. Cops breathalyzed sleeping beauty and got a 1.024%. Wonder how he paid for all that?

2) 1.400%

A woman was found dead in Paso Robles, California. The autopsy showed that her B.A.C. was 1.400%. She died simply of organ failure. At least she went out in style.

1) 1.480%

Not to be outdone by the last girl, a man in Wroclaw, Poland got in a car accident. His B.A.C. at the time was 1.480%. Freaking 1.480% of that man’s blood was alcohol. A coworker told the investigators that the man funneled pure grain alcohol he obtained from his place of work, a chemical plant. He survived that B.A.C. record, but died later from wounds sustained from the accident.

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