Howard Stern’s Media Producer Talks About Life On The Stern Show! [INTERVIEW]

Photo by Jason Kaplan, The Howard Stern Show

I have been a Howard Stern fan since I was in diapers; I’d seen him do it all, from throwing bologna at girls mayo slathered asses, Hollyweird Squares, and not to mention our favorite Wack Packers, such as Beetlejuice, Jeff the Drunk, and Blue Iris (R.I.P). But what about all those other people who work for him that we rarely hear about? We know all about the King of All Media but not so much about his fellow cohorts.  One Stern worker, J.D. Harmeyer (Stern’s Media Producer) and I sat down to talk about his life prior to the Stern show and what he is up to now.

1) Tell COED a little bit about yourself and what you did before working for the Howard Stern show?

JD: Well, let’s see. I was living in Winter Park, Florida (originally from Fairborn, Ohio) and going to Full Sail University (a technical film school) with my younger brother. Our schooling was ending and we didn’t really have plans or know what we were doing after that. So one of our friends (who is now my roommate) said he wanted to move to New York since he didn’t really know anyone else here. So we figured we might as well try it since we had no plans of doing anything else. So, we drove up here and another film school guy hooked us up with this apartment that we’re in now. Prior to moving into this apartment we had to live in our other friends’ parents’ house basement. After the move I tried getting internships with film companies here, but they thought I was too lax or something. So, obviously I didn’t end up getting hired by them and ended up getting a job delivering food for this place in Prospect Park. After all of this, I heard on the Stern show one morning that they were looking for interns and I thought it would be cool to apply, so I sent in my resume and cover letter right away to Anne-Marie (the office manager), and got called in a couple of hours after submitting my resume for an interview.

During the internship interview, Anne- Marie was telling me about the different positions; one was Scott’s intern, which was more about dealing with equipment, which I had no interest in because I had no experience working with radio equipment. And the other, was to be Robin Quivers intern, but I sort of laughed when Anne-Marie brought that up because I had heard horror stories.  So Anne-Marie explained there’s a regular internship, where you just answer phones and get coffee, and then there’s a TIVO internship, where you watch TV and pull clips from different shows and they play them on the air. I REALLY wanted to do the TIVO internship because I knew that it would be on-air and I would somehow directly be providing material for the show somehow. So, I didn’t get the TIVO position, but the regular internship, and I did that for a couple of months.  Then, I heard the girl who did get chosen for the TIVO internship got fired because she was trying to sell her boyfriend’s music to 50 Cent.  So I came home and thought about calling and asking if I could switch to the TIVO job position, but I was really nervous; so I finally called after thinking about it, and they said they would think about it and get back to me. Low and behold, I ended up getting the TIVO internship

2) What exactly do you do for the show? What is a typical day like for you?

A typical day now would consist of me, waking up at 3 in the morning and looking online and a couple of other different websites and see what is happening; get ready, take the train and get to work about 4:30am. I usually go to my office and see if there’s anything I need to pull that’s immediate, directly from my e-mail. My hopes are that I already have something prepared from the day before, because if I go in without anything, I feel horrible. Especially on days when there’s no guests, because that’s when I feel the most pressure. It’s basically just looking up stuff, going through TV shows, during, before, and after the show airs. Before all this, I was going to work at like, 11pm, and staying through the whole night, and leaving shortly after the show ended.

3) What was your reaction when you found out you’d be working for Howard Stern?

Not only was I happy to have an interview, but I was really just excited it was for the Stern show. I have been a fan since he was doing the MTV Award show, where he was playing Fart Man, and at that time, there were no radio stations in Ohio that were getting him on-air (that I was aware or had known of.)  Although, when I moved to Florida, I realized that he was on in Orlando, and in Lakeland, you would get this radio station called Real Radio 104.1, and it was a great radio station, and Howard was on in the mornings and I would pretty much listen all the time.

When I found out I was getting the internship, I was happy to just be getting a job, even though it wasn’t paid. I was just elated it was for Howard Stern. Actually, when Gary told me I was hired, he brought me in to the area which was like a big equipment closet, and he told me they would bring me on and hire me. My reaction was very modest and almost nonchalant, and Gary said “you could be a little bit more excited,” but I really just thought it was great.

4) Who are some of your personal favorite guests or porn stars?

There have just been so many people over the years, I can’t even tell you who was on last week let alone have a favorite. George Takei is on more now, and he’s great. I am usually so busy getting clips; I can’t even listen to the show all the time or to every guest.

I could tell you a story where I have dressed up for a guest while I was interning, and Jenna Jameson was coming in to be a guest. And of course I asked if I could do her release. I feel like such a dummy because I wore a nice long sleeve shirt, and I think you could sort of see I was dressed up more and K.C. Armstrong came up and said we might have you on the air, to have you meet her. I told him I did not want to go on the air, whatsoever.

5) Do you get to interact with the guests or do you usually just keep to yourself?

It’s really unprofessional and just frowned upon by the show, period. They are guests and they’re there to do just that. It’s not a meet and greet.  But I don’t really deal with the guests unless I really know them.

6) Have you made any celebrity friends since working for the show?

Ryan Phillippe and I are friends and I text message Jillian Barberie here and there. Also, Kimberly Kane, the porn star, and Jesse Bradford.

7) How did you go from Jamie to J.D.?

One day, we got called in on-air because it had got out that I liked Scott’s intern. And I remember a new intern that was the news intern, who brought me the TV listings because that was one of her duties, said I creeped her out for some reason. And the conversation just sort of kept rolling and Howard said he didn’t really like the name Jamie and asked for my middle name (Daniel), and someone suggested J.D., and I thought it sounded cool, so that is how it came to be.

8) Do you feel like it’s easier to pick up women since you started working there?

Yeah, I guess, but a lot of it has been over MySpace and Facebook. And if I wasn’t with the show I don’t know what the fuck I’d be doing. I’d probably be on like or something.  I mean, some girls know who I am and it is definitely nice that they know of me. But I don’t really go out to clubs or anything, or talk to people, and I don’t really think just saying that I work for the Howard Stern show would make me that recognizable.

9) What do you think you’d be doing right now if you weren’t working for Howard?

I don’t even know. I think I might be editing; my roommate is an editor, so maybe I’d be involved with that. That’s all I can really think about; I don’t really know what I’d be doing. I don’t even remember if I was doing much of anything before.

10) What is with the techno music they play when you enter the studio?

I am into certain Techno music and was downloading music one day and Richard Christy asked what that was and that he wanted to play it on the air, and he kept bothering me about it. Then I was listening to another track and he wanted that song too. So they just ended up playing it as background music every time I enter the studio now.

11) Tell COED something about yourself that would surprise people.

The answer is really that there isn’t much that people don’t know about me. I may not say everything that I do, but I don’t put on a fake façade. People are surprised that I watch sports, and am into certain Heavy Metal Music.

Catch Howard and his gang  on the Howard Stern Show on Sirius/XM Radio or on Howard TV.

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