Jennifer Love Hewitt to Become Law & Order SVU’s Sexiest Star? [50 PHOTOS]

EW reports Boobs McGee aka Jennifer Love Hewitt is rumored to be replacing The Love Guru mantra, Mariska Hargitay on Law & Order: SVU. Did we just reference Mike Meyers comedic dud The Love Guru? Yes. To us, Mariska’s always been a hard hottie bandwagon to hop on; something to do with her eyes and masculine demeanor. That said, we can’t picture J Love in a cop role. Even when she tries to act badass, she just comes off so damn sweet. Well, that and we can’t stop staring at her beautiful, gigantic jiggling breasts. Anyway, to raise our cups to her cups, we’ve gathered her sexiest pics into this overflowing gallery.


7 thoughts on “Jennifer Love Hewitt to Become Law & Order SVU’s Sexiest Star? [50 PHOTOS]”

  1. There is no comparison between Mariska and JLH. Despite the age Mariska is very, very much more beautiful than JLH. Did you guys have seen the smile of Mariska? And the beautiful black eyes? JLH is a common facial beauty. Mariska male behavior? you definitely never saw SVU. Fans are desperate. It is not surprising. Mariska is a goddess irreplaceable. And no need SVU detective showing breasts. Mariska has breasts too much. Did you guys
    do not know that she is the daughter of Jayne Mansfield? Only she, as a woman of class, prefers not to display them.

  2. I have nothing against JLH. But I understand that Mariska (simply beautiful) is irreplaceable. At worst they should put an actress who had tional stature (JLH is three feet tall) and more mature for the role. And I agree with previous review. SVU does not need breasts. Mariska it has far too much. The problem is to find an actress who in addition to beauty, has talent, charisma and empathy with the public. Mariska has it all. She is an icon, especially among women, the general public in the series.
    I think an actress with more body, maybe someone remainder of the L & O is the ideal. And Mariska is anything but masculine. Whoever made ​​the comment should not be a person who watches the show regularly. She is strong, decided, determined. It's different than being male.

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