Your One Stop Shop For Apocalypse [DOOMSDAY, JUDGEMENT DAY, RAPTURE]

Well, it’s been nice knowing all of you. While I’m not sure if Jesus will take me or not, I do know there is plenty of material on the interwebs to help you once the time comes to check out. We’ve got playlists, fashion tips, diet plans, and much more – all wrapped up in one handy dandy survival kit. If you don’t get to Heaven, drop us a note. We’ll be down here ripping shots and burning one to Method Man’s Tical 2000 while watching T2 – we hear they sync up like Pink Floyd and the Wizard of Oz. Check out the most important rapture-related links we could find below to make May 21st a smooth ride (wherever you’re going).

How To Survive the Rapture: A Cinematic Survey

25 Of Our Favorite Signs Saying the World Will End on May 21, 2011

Top 12 Pop Songs To Usher In The Rapture

9 Essential Items For Your Post-Rapture Survival Kit

Songs For Your Rapture Mixtape

50 Signs That The World Is Ending

20 Amazing Art Concepts Of Post-Rapture Landscapes

Post Apocalyptic Fashion: What You Need To Wear For The End Of The World

Dogs and cats that are fully prepared for the Rapture (25 Photos)

11 Things You Need To Know About Judgment Day (This Saturday)

The 7 most interesting ways the world may come to an end



Escape Earth for as Little as $24.49

What to Do When the Rapture Doesn’t Happen: A Guide for Believers

Center for Disease Control & Preparedness Manual on the Zombie Apocalypse

7 Songs For Your Rapture-Viewing Party Playlist

Apocalypse Party! 10 Events to Attend Before the World Ends

The Best Food For The Apocalypse

Bart Simpson’s 10 Blackboard Lessons That Would Be Most Helpful During An Apocalypse

COED’s Video Game Guide To Surviving Zombie Apocalypse [VIDEOS]

Apocalypse Now: The 10 Most Hazardous Driving Conditions In Video Games

5 Ways to Survive the ‘Terminator’ Apocalypse

If The Internet Disappeared: Staying Off The Grid

Picture Of The Day: Sign Of The Apocalypse?

6 Studies That Prove Reality TV Is Causing the Apocalypse

Survive The Zombie Apocalypse Using Google StreetView

Download New York’s Official Apocalypse Manual

13 Things You Absolutely Have To Do Before Doomsday Happens on May 21st, 2011

After The Rapture: Meet The Sweethearts of The Tribulation

Judgement Day Has A Scheduling Conflict

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