30 Most Beautiful MMA Ring Girls [PHOTOS, POLL]

Yesterday, the New York State Senate passed a legislation to legalize the sport. Nothing is official yet because it still needs to be introduced for a vote in a Democratic (read: anti-MMA) Assembly. Our fingers are crossed they’ll make the right decision. Maybe they should take a close look at our list of MMA’s Most Beautiful Ring Girls for reasons why New York needs men mauling each other for money. Catch more MMA Ring Girls with our articles on 36 MMA Ring Girls Exposed, and MMA Ring Girl-o-Rama. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite at the bottom of the post.

#30 Monica Arteaga

Monica actually got her first modeling job working as a ring girl for Bellator. Apparently, she was approached via Facebook without even knowing the league was searching for a hottie. While she’s not returning to Bellator this year, be sure that she’ll be doing something where you can ogle her. She lists her favorite submission as the rear naked choke. Sweet baby Jesus, that’s hot.

For more of Monica, check out our photo gallery or follow her on Twitter.

#29 Holly Madison

Holly’s best known for being Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend for seven years from August 2001 to October 2008. During that time she starred alongside Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson on E!’s hit TV show, “Girls Next Door”. Her spin-off show “Holly’s World” debuted in June with the season finale coming in August. A second season will begin filming at the end of this year. Previous to her Playboy days, Holly attended Portland State University then Loyola Marymount in California. She was also a Hawaiian Tropic model and worked at Hooters.

For more of Holly, check out our photo gallery, her official website, MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter. Or just go to Playboy.com or turn on E!.

#28 Sarah McDowd

Sarah’s a 24 year old originally from Colorado who now lives in Anaheim. She’s appeared in numerous music videos and commercials, and was a semifinalist in Maxim’s 2009 Hometown Hotties. You can see her online at Ask Men, Playboy, and IGN.  She was also our Miss COED in late June of this year.

For more of Sarah, check out her ModelMayhem profile, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter.

#27 Abbie Ratay

Abbie’s a 26 year old Ring Card Girl for EliteXC who started modeling in 2005 and has appeared on the cover of several different auto mod/tuner magazines. She’s also been featured in FHM and Stuff, and is a spokesmodel for OneMoreRound Clothing and Turbonetics. On her ModelMayhem profile, she states, “I know my height will stop me from some things in modeling, but my personality and my determination won’t!” We actually listed her as one of the hottest Asians on the web!

For more of Abbie, follow her on Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook.

#26 Tamara Marie

Tamara’s a 26 year old ring girl for EliteXC and ProElite from Glendale, Arizona. She loves paintballing, horseriding, and Dance Dance Revolution. Her favortie TV show is Nip/Tuck. She also goes by the name Tila Tamara, Tamara Marie, and Tamara Guenthner. Just yell, “Tamara!” she should come running. With a huge numbered card.

For more of Tamara, check out her MySpace and Facebook.

#25 Adree Desanti

Adree could be one of the more interesting ring/card girls on this list. Her nickname should be “D.M.C.A”, because she seems to be a big fan of the Digital Media Copyright Act. She’s been on a warpath trying to remove every single image of her from the internet. Good luck with that, Adree. Frankly, we don’t get it. Just about every site who’s featured her has fallen in love with her or called her the sexiest ring/card girl in MMA. Her official website? “Under construction.” Most online features? Blocked or blurred. Hell, we even got the summons. Anyone know what the deal is? We think she found Jesus… or a cult.

#24 Anne Rivera

Anne’s a 28 year old ring girl from Denver, Colorado who’s done modeling for swimwear, lingerie, commercial, fashion, and beauty. She also appears in Saving Abel’s music video “Addicted“.

For more of Anne, check out her official website, or MySpace.

#23 Belle Rodriguez

Belle was our Miss COED for 4/28/10. She hails from New York but works as a ring girl in Las Vegas. She’s done commercial shoots for Ed Hardy and Harley Davidson in addition to appearing in Playboy, Stuff, and Maxim en Espanol. Her TV credits include Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Friday Night Fights on ESPN 2, Real Housewives of NYC, and a commercial for Heineken Premium Light.

For more of Belle, check out her official website.

#22 Aby Rulloda

Aby is interesting because while she used to be a Strikeforce ring girl, she is now a Muay Thai fighter who’s a member of World Team USA. When she’s not kicking less attractive butt, she lives in San Francisco and go-go dances. Oh, and she placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in a pole-dancing competition from 2008-2006, respectively.

For more of Aby, check out our photo gallery, her official website, FacebookYouTube Channel, or  Twitter.

#21 Brittney Palmer

Brittney’s a 23 year old WEC Ring Girl turned UFC Octagon Girl from San Diego who currently resides in Las Vegas. We mentioned her in our WEC 51 preview but she’s also appeared on Maxim, Cage Potato, Ask Men, Sports Illustrated, Bleacher Report, Made Man, The Cage Doctors and College Mansion. If you’re in Vegas, you can also see her dancing in the show “X Burlesque.” Personally, we’d like to replace Cher with her in the movie Burlesque. We’d rather cough up the airfare to see her than a movie ticket to see Sonny’s Bono’s bone bro.

For more of Brittney, check out her Twitter, official website, Facebook, and MySpace.

#20 Chandella Powell

Chandella’s a Playboy bunny at the Playboy Club in Las Vegas and the newest UFC Octagon Girl. She enjoys jazz dance, tennis, sushi, Forensic Files, and hopes to one day be a financial consultant. She’s also been featured on Cage Potato and The Cage Doctors.

For more of Chandella, check out her UFC profile, official website, Twitter, or Facebook.

#19 Christie Cartwright

Christie’s a former WEC Ring Girl from California who graduated from Cal Poly in 2007 and is really really really into wine. She’s been featured on Yardbarker, Cage Potato, and Bleacher Report twice. She was replaced by fellow sexy Ring Girl Brittney Palmer.

For more of Christie, check out her Facebook.

#18 Laura Jones

The 25 year old British brunette is a Cage Rage Girl who’s been a Playboy Cyber Girl and has been featured in Zoo, Nuts, Loaded, FHM, and Maxim. She’s currently a presenter for a daily SkyTV/Freeview show called Party People. She trained in musical theater, played in two girl rock bands, and appeared in music videos for Craig David and Kano. Among her interests are Madonna, Desperate Housewives, Mean Girls, The Butterfly Effect, and anything that can make her shake her booty. We just so happen to have a pole in the office.

For more of Laura, check out her MySpace.

#17 Claudia Verela

Claudia’s a 28-year old model, actress, and ring girl who was born in Cali, raised in Miami, and currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Her online features include photo galleries on Ask Men and Playboy’s The Smoking Jacket. She’s co-host of “Hot Chicks Stock Picks” and appeared in the GoDaddy.com’s Super Bowl ad. In addition to her catalog and calendar work, she’s a member of the USA National Bikini Team and was in MiddleMen starring Luke Wilson and Giovanni Ribisi.

For more of Claudia, check out her official websiteFacebook, or MySpace.

#16 Edith Labelle (a.k.a. Edith Laurent)

Edith’s a Canadian model/actress and former UFC Octagon Girl from Montreal, Quebec who began posing in 2002. She started as a ring girl in November 2007 with the now defunct MMA organizatoin TKO Championship Fighting. After UFC 100 in July 2009 she was released from her contract and replaced by Nasha Wicks because she apparently was too hungover to make her scheduled appearance. Cut the girl some slack, UFC.

For more of Edith, check out her official website, MySpace, Facebook.

#15 Mercedes Terrell

Before getting her job as a ring girl, Mercedes was known mostly for her car and lingerie modeling which she started in 2004. She been featured in IGN and modFX.com. Now, however, she spends a majority of her time touring as a ring girl for Bellator.

For more of Mercedes, check out our photo gallery, her official website, Facebook, MySpace.

#14 Logan Stanton

Logan’s a 22 year old former UFC ring girl from Niceville, FL (no joke) who currently lives in LA. She was first spotted ringside at UFC 92 in December 2008 but she and Natasha Wicks were dumped after UFC 107 in December 2009. Why? Good question. Maybe too many fans were watching her instead of the matches?

For more of Logan, check out her Twitter and Facebook.

#13 Laura Celeste

We featured the 26 year old Staten Island native in our Week That Was in late July 2009. She’s a MMA ring card girl who loves Marilyn Monroe, Jessica Rabbit, Jolly Ranchers, and the New York Jets. She was featured on Ring of Combat, Cage Potato, and Asylum Fight League.

For more of Laura, check out her ModelMayhem profile, MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook,

#12 Kendra Perez

Kendra’s a Mexican model/ring girl born in Laguna Beach, California. She was a semi-finalist in Maxim’s Hometown Hotties for 2006 and placed 4th  in the 2007 contest. She’s currently host of Spike TV’s Best of Pride Fighting Championship and was featured on E!’s “20 Hottest Women On The Net” in 2007. You can see her in the August/September 2010 issue of UFC magazine in which she posed topless.

For more of Kendra, check out her official site and Facebook.

#11 Natasha Wicks

Natasha is a 25 year old former UFC Ring Girl from Las Vegas who attended Northern Arizona University (“NAU”) where she was a cross-country runner. After moving to and from Hawaii, she worked as a Playboy Bunny at the Playboy Club in Las Vegas, and was also a GOGO dancer at XS. You can see her in the October 2009 issue of Maxim and November 2009 issue of UFC magazine. She and Logan Stanton were released from their UFC contracts in December 2009. I could never bring myself to fire a chick like this. She could be robbing me blind and I’d give her the sexiest slap on the wrist you’ve ever seen.

For more of Natasha, check out her Twitter, and ModelMayhem profile.

#10 Vanessa Wade

Vanessa is a 5’8″ Italian bombshell now living in Detroit. She has kept busy posing for five separate issues of Playboy plus spreads in FHM, Six Degrees Magazine and Fighters Only Magazine. She was a Ring Girl for Elite XC before the operation went bankrupt, which is a shame because we think that she’s much easier on the eyes than Kimbo Slice.

For more of Vanessa, check out our photo gallery, MySpace or her official website.

#9 Amber Nichole Miller

Amber’s a model/actress and UFC ring girl who’s originally from Colorado but now resides in Las Vegas. She’s appeared in commercials for XYIENCE, Lincoln Mercury, and Skechers. Her TV credits include CSI, and Malcolm in the Middle and you might’ve also seen her in films like Ocean’s Eleven, Rush Hour 2, and 3000 Miles to Graceland. You can’t pass through Las Vegas without seeing her on a billboard in an ad for a hotel or casino.

For more of Amber, check out her MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, or official website.

#8 Rebecca Love

Rebecca was Knockout Babe of the Month in MMA Sports Magazine, Ring Girl of the Month in Ultimate Grappling Magazine, and Girl of the Month in Fighters Only. She’s done extensive work as a ring girl for WFA, WEC, TFA, No Limits, Ring Of Fire, Kage Kombat, and Lb4Lb Boxing. Her TV credits include a bunch of MTV shows, and HBO’s Entourage. You can find her in Eminem and D12’s music video for “My Band“. She states on her ModelMayhem profile she’s “no longer modeling”. Bummer. We think it might have something to do with finding an extremely ripped dude to share a bed with.

For more of Rebecca, check out her ModelMayhem profile.

#7 Tiffany Fallon

Tiffany’s Miss December 2004 and Playmate of the Year for 2005 in addition to being Miss Georgia 2001. She’s the co-host of the International Fight League’s weekly show, “IFL Battleground” and has appeared on Celebrity Apprentice and in Toby Keith’s country music video, “Who’s Your Daddy?” Please let the answer be me.

For more of Tiffany, check out her official website, MySpace, Facebook.

#6 Kathleen Tesori

Kathleen’s a 22 year old lifestyle coach, spokesmodel, and International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (“IFBB”) Figure Pro from Utah who recently graduated with high honors from Weber State University with a MBA. She’s appeared in multiple issues of Muscle & Fitness and FLEX magazines, and was a spokesmodel for Pirell Tires, Hawaiian Tropic and Bodybuilding.com. You can currently see her as a ring girl on MTV’s “Bully Beatdown”.

For more of Kathleen, check out her official website, MySpaceFacebook, or Twitter.

#5 Ali Sonoma

Ali’s a 24 year old German, Irish, French, Swedish, and Cherokee Indian ELITE model and UFC Octagon Girl who’s originally from St. Louis but now lives in Miami. Her editorial credits include Playboy, Muscle and Fitness, FHM, Bullz-Eye, and Maxim and she was a poster model for ROCKSTAR energy drink and Miller Lite. She’s also been featured in numerous fitness/MMA mags, lingerie catalogs, and has done extensive work for Hooters as a calendar finalist, swimsuit pageant winner, and spokesmodel. We featured her as Miss COED in January 2009.

For more of Ali, check out her official website, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter.

#4 Rachelle Leah

We first featured the 26 year old California native and current Octagon Girl / Host of UFC All Access in our FHM vs. Maxim Model Showdown in September 2008. One year later, we highlighted her attributes again, this time as our Daily Snapshot. She’s hosted numerous TV shows for Spike TV and in addition to appearing in FHM and Maxim, did a fully nude pictorial for Playboy in the November 2008 issue. She loves the 49ers (ouch), Patriots (okay), extreme sports, Nip/Tuck, and The Girl Next Door. How much to relocate you to the suite next door to us? I have like $5.

For more of Rachelle, check out her official website, Twitter, MySpace, UFC profile, and Facebook.

#3 Arianny Celeste

Arianny’s a 24 (soon to be 25, Happy Birthday!) year old Mexican/Filipino UFC Octagon girl who was born and raised in Las Vegas. We featured her as our Daily Snapshot last November before making her our Miss COED this past May. We were also one of the first sites to leak pics of this need to know personality from her pictorial in the November 2010 issue of Playboy. She made her UFC debut at the Hard Rock Hotel in 2006 and has since modeled for Maxim, FHM, Sports Illustrated, and Playboy. She was voted 2008 and 2009 Ring Girl of the Year by Fighter’s Only Magazine, Maxim’s “Hottest UFC Octagon Girl” for 2010, and also placed #23 on Maxim’s Hot 100 list. Currently, she co-hosts the internet show “UFC Ultimate Insider” with Joe Rogan.

For more of Arianny, check out her official website, Twitter or Facebook.

#2 Rhian Sugden

Rhian is a UK based glamor model and Bamma Ring Girl whose print credits include Nuts, Zoo, Loaded, Playboy and Maxim in addition to being a famous Page 3 Girl for The Sun. This animal lover recently appeared on BBC3’s documentry Glamour Girls which showed behind the scene footage of what it is really like being a model. She’s made appearances on MTV UK, has numerous calendars available, and is slated to appear in a Universal Pictures movie in 2011.

For more of Rhian, check out her official website, Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook.

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#1 Kelli Hutcherson

Kelli’s a 21 year old promo model from California who’s currently Miss Strikeforce. Right now, she does work for Rockstar Energy drink. Past work includes appearances for Muscle Milk at the Sundance Film Festival, and a pin-up poster for Transworld Motorcross magazine. She’s been featured on Cage Potato and MMA Fight Girls.

For more of Kelly, check out her ModelMayhem profile and Twitter.

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